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Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard

Luxury outdoor living spaces bring family and friends together

The desire for outdoor living spaces is huge. People have kitchens, firepits, and pergolas in their backyards, and that’s great, but there’s nothing like a pool to create that resort-like ambiance. “People want to feel like they’re on vacation, and having a pool does that,” says Terry Argenziano, COO of The Pool Boss.

A pool, she explains, often transforms a backyard into a true gathering space for family and friends. “It becomes the center point of the backyard, whether it's the kids playing in the pool or a mom and dad sitting around it with a cocktail in their hands.”

With over 25 years in the industry, The Pool Boss offers a full concierge experience, handling everything from the initial design to the incredible finished product. Christopher Argenziano, Terry’s husband and the CEO and founder of the company, is a third-generation pool builder who takes his responsibility to his clients seriously.

“He revisits the site once the final details are completed and gathers feedback from the homeowner in regard to the process and performance of the team,” says Terry. “Even though our online presence and reviews are very strong when it comes to customer satisfaction, our philosophy is to be proactive and not reactive. We can only stay on top and keep our clients as happy as possible if we're constantly assessing how we’re doing.”

Another advantage of working with the Pool Boss is its vast network of skilled contractors that can build all those extras around the pool such as fire bowls, fire pits, pavilions, kitchens, and more to create that complete luxury outdoor living area.

The company always goes above and beyond. For example, once a pool is constructed, a service manager goes out and teaches a homeowner how to operate it. “We usually do a two-hour course where we teach them everything they need to know.” A manual, website and QR codes for helpful videos are also provided.

However, just like being on vacation, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of a pool without all the work. “We offer what we call valet service,” says Terry. “If you hire us to build your pool, you can then have us do everything to maintain it. But, it's á la carte, so we can do as much or as little as you prefer. We have about 200 clients that don't do anything except swim, while others actually enjoy doing some of the pool maintenance.”

Terry and Chris understand what having a pool is all about, and have always had one in their own backyards. They also have small children and know some parents worry about safety. “We can install automatic covers, so for those with children and pets, we usually advise keeping them closed when the pool is not in use,” she says.

Since Covid, having a pool does add an appreciable amount of equity and desirability to a home. “When you look at online real estate listings, if there's a pool, it’s usually the first photo,” says Terry.

While the couple has designed and built many luxury projects for well-known celebrities, they also appreciate that every homeowner has their own budget. So, there are many options available and pricing is very competitive.

Don’t just wish for an incredible retreat in your own backyard – explore your options now. For more information, and to see some of the extraordinary luxury outdoor areas the company has created, go to or @ThePoolBossNJ.

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