Take Control Of Diabetes

Pulse And Poise Medical Team Offers Thorough Assistance, Treatment Plans

Diabetes care involves various strategies and techniques to keep blood sugar levels in check. Pulse and Poise Medical Director Shopana Ganpath, M.D., says her Frisco-based team at 4645 Wyndham Lane, Unit 220A, understands each person's needs are unique, so they provide personalized care for specific situations.

Healthy Diet

The Pulse and Poise clinic offers comprehensive diabetes management plans encompassing different aspects of patients' lifestyles. "We provide guidance on nutritious food choices, and work closely with each patient to create meal plans that suit their preferences while helping maintain stable blood sugar levels," says Dr. Ganpath. 

Physical Activity

Helping patients develop exercise routines that match fitness levels and interests also is a benefit of Pulse and Poise, states Dr. Ganpath. "Regular physical activity can improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and contribute to overall well-being."


In addition to lifestyle modifications, these medical professionals may recommend medications or insulin therapy. "We also guide patients on monitoring blood sugar levels at home and interpreting results," says Dr. Ganpath.


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