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“Take me riding in a car, car.” Bob Dylan

The definition of an automotive enthusiast

Bob Dylan may not be known for penning the ultimate car song, but Tulsan Lonnie Sherry is the definition of a true automotive enthusiast. Lonnie and his wife own five show quality rides; three Corvettes, a 59, 71, and 2011, plus a 64 short-bed Chevy pickup and a 2016 Alpha Romeo 4C.

The car bug bit him early. When Lonnie was young, his father bought three, 1929 Fords. One to drive, one for parts, and one for Lonnie to drive when he turned fifteen. A 29 Ford for a first car. That’s beyond cool. His day job for the past thirty-eight years is an insurance adjuster.

Lonnie doesn’t just own cool vehicles. He did full restorations on the 59 and 71 Vettes and the 64 pickup. “I built the 59 in my shop for my wife about five years ago. It's a blue metallic convertible with white coves and a white soft top. The motor is a 283 V8, factory aluminum intake with dual four barrels and a four-speed standard transmission.”

The 71 is also a convertible, red with red interior and a white top. He did a full restoration on it about six years ago in the shop. “The motor is a 383 stroker, balanced and blue printed with all the go fast goodies and a turbo 400 transmission.”

The 64 Chevy shortbed fleetside pickup is Lonnie’s daily driver. It has a big back window with silver over blue two-tone paint. “I restored it ten years ago but I’m in the process of restoring it again with an LS motor, 4L60E transmission, modern suspension lowered five inches, twenty-inch chrome wheels and power disc brakes. The interior has two-tone leather, stereo, heat and air (vintage air), and power steering.”

The couple purchased the 2011 Vette new. It’s a special Grand Sport Heritage edition, red with black soft top. “We have left it stock. It’s a pleasure to drive and very fast with an LS3, four-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.”

The 2016 Alpha Romeo 4C is his wife's daily driver purchased new in 2017. “The metallic red carbon fiber body has a very fast turbocharged 1.7 liter 4-cylinder mid-engine and handles like a racecar with paddle shifted, double fluid clutch transmission.  We ordered it from Italy and it was shipped to a dealer in Salt Lake City.”

What’s next? More Vettes, another custom truck, an imported supercar? “In the next few years, we plan to reduce our collection to four vehicles. The problem will be, deciding what to keep.”

Lonnie began restoring cars in his garage. These days he has a 1,400 square foot shop at his house. He’s a member of the Tulsa Vette Set, Tulsa Chevy Classics, and Dragin’ Masters car clubs

  • Blue 59 Corvette convertible, red 2011 Corvette, red 2016 Alpha Romeo, red 71 Corvette, blue 64 Chevy pickup
  • Blue 59 Corvette
  • Silver over blue 64 pickup