Take the Stage

A little design goes a long way. We talk to Iris and Oak Interiors about staging and interior design.

Tasha Moody has watched the real estate market evolve over the last decade-plus, with keen interest and careful consideration.

She’s not a realtor or agent.

She’s a homeowner, wife and mother and also a designer who helps sellers prepare their homes for a market in flux. “The transition I’ve seen over the last 14 years in this business is that staging has gone from being an optional ‘extra’ to more of a basic expectation.  If you haven’t staged your home in terms of updating furniture, decor, lighting, paint, countertops, you name it - the people to your left and right probably have, and they will likely get the sale, says Tasha, owner and founder of Iris and Oak. “I think it’s the overwhelming exposure to great design on platforms such as Pinterest and HGTV that have caused this heightened sense of expectation. Design and aesthetic presentation are everything these days.  Somewhere along the way that has translated to residential home sales as well, causing the expectation of how a house should be presented to be dramatically different than it once was.”

Gone are the days of buyers with vision and a desire to renovate, she says.  Move-in-ready is the name of the game, and the whole goal of staging is to present that visually to buyers in combination with a certain something special to set the property apart from the others.  

Her team offers different levels of staging services, along with comprehensive interior design.

“When we are designing, we are also considering future salability, and when we are staging we often use design tricks versus costly renovations like awesome tabletop decor and great large scale art on the wall versus a costly kitchen countertop replacement,” says Tasha. They consider the buyer’s expectations, strengths and weaknesses of the home.

“Our mission statement iis to create environments that bring joy, leaving a lasting impact both aesthetically and interpersonally on every person we engage with,” said Tasha.

To do that, she carved out a home office from a little niche off the kitchen which has a giant casement window overlooking a soothing wooded view. The smaller footprint of the space forces her to keep only that which is relevant and functioning.  “So even though this spot is kind of right in the middle of everything, it’s my happy place to work when I’m home.”



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