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Glover appreciates opportunity taken by mentor

While working three jobs in the early 1990s to make ends meet for his young family, Larry Glover took a lower-level management role with a construction company.

Midway through the project at Texas Instruments, the superintendent over the construction was let go and the company thought about where to go to fill the spot. That’s when Buddy Brumley made the recommendation to give the construction oversight to the young Glover.

“We were about 50 percent into the project, and he got released. They were trying to decide to hire a superintendent to finish the job or what to do,” Glover recalled. “Buddy said, ‘Larry’s out there. He knows all the subs. Why don’t we just go ahead and have him finish up out there?

“I kinda got thrown into it — sink or swim. It was about a $6 million project. I ended up finishing it and doing well.” 

Brumley’s belief in Glover nearly 30 years ago put him on the path to a successful career in the construction business, overseeing and finishing multi-million dollar projects across the region. The experience also paved the way for Glover to establish his successful LG Contracting, which specializes in high-end residential renovations and building luxury homes from the ground up.

Glover credits much of his success to his mentor and long-time friend Brumley.

“He gave me the opportunity to prove myself under his guidance,” Glover said. “He taught me everything I know. I’m telling you, from the way to walk onto the job, how to carry yourself and what details to look for. Everything that I utilize today has been instilled by him. I owe him the world.”

After finishing the first project, Brumley came to Glover and told him the company, Con Real, wanted to make him an assistant superintendent to work under him. The catch was he had to quit his other jobs, including a possible chance to work into a full-time role as a mail carrier.

Torn at first, Glover talked with other carriers to get more informed before making a decision. He decided to go into construction full time and train under Brumley.

Glover admits there was a steep learning curve.

“Buddy tells me to this day, there were points in this one-year stint, he didn’t think I was going to cut it,” Glover said. 

But Brumley stuck with him and gave him added responsibilities overseeing other superintendents. 

He was soon given his first project, building the Boys and Girls Club in Dallas. He proved himself worthy of the assignment. 

Glover quickly built a good rapport with clients and a reputation for completing jobs on time and within budget, landing him the task of building the Intel facility at Alliance under a tight deadline. Thinking outside the box to stay on time during a rainy fall, he met his deadline.

That project made Glover a person in demand and a more lucrative job offer came his way with the Ray Skiles Group, where Brumley had already landed. Glover completed several high profile jobs with the firm before tragedy struck with the death of his teenage son.

A bereaved Glover left his career in North Texas, accepting a job to build a mansion in Colorado. When construction on the home was delayed due to a disagreement between the owner and the architect, the owner, knowing Glover’s story, agreed to pay him to wait until construction could start.

“He said he was going to pay my salary for a year like you were working, but I want you to take this time to heal and to recover from this tragedy that hit your family,” Glover recalled.

The project ended up not being finished after the owner lost his wife and had some financial difficulties. After taking on a few jobs in Colorado, Glover came back to Texas and worked for a few different firms before an investor suggested he go out on his own in 2019.

Each year, even during the height of the pandemic, LG Contracting has grown. 

“Revenue has doubled each year. We have all kinds of work,” Glover said. “We moved into our new offices in December.”

Even with today’s success, he’s quick to credit Brumley for giving him his start.

“I owe everything to him for bringing me up and giving me the opportunity,” Glover said.

“I owe everything to him for bringing me up and giving me the opportunity." — Larry Glover 

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