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My Story from Green Juice to Spiritual Journey

I will never forget sitting with my father in the dark, chestnut paneled halls of our shared alma mater’s club in New York City, absolutely crying my eyes out. It was one of those cries where you can’t catch your breath and there are never enough tissues. I was miserable in my job – it was my first out of college – and worst of all, I had no idea what I wanted to do next, or with my life in general. I felt a dense fog around my career and purpose that felt dark and suffocating. Looking back now, I can see how this evening marked a pivotal shift in my journey. 

For a few years at that point, and over a decade now, I had been deeply interested in what we now call “wellness” and what I will call a pursuit of deeper wellbeing and health. In my early twenties, I subscribed—wholeheartedly and with fascination—to the emerging wellness trends of the day, however fleeting. I began eating all organic plant-based foods and studying nutrition and sustainable food systems, I developed a yoga and mindfulness practice, I drank green juices daily, and when Goop came out – well, I tried everything that Gwyneth suggested. However, even though I was making a dedicated, concerted effort to care for my body and mind by doing all of the things, I continued to feel a disconnection from my Self that no amount of supplements, saunas, or meditation could heal. 

I believe there is a moment in all of our journeys where what began as a foray into the wellness world takes a profound turn towards spiritual healing. When the work we have been doing to better our body and mind breaks through a surface layer and begins to fully engage with our soul. That moment for me was when my father handed me a simple self-development book about how we use our energy in our work and relationships. The two separate fields of my interest - my wellbeing and my career search - converged. That simple, unassuming book catalyzed a deep spiritual journey about reconnecting with my inner self and remembering my true calling and purpose. 

Over the years, and since I stepped into the work of reconnecting to my Self in all aspects – mind, body and spirit – I have worked with many therapists, healers, and guides and I have studied both ancient and modern modalities of self-development, spirituality, and soul work. Thousands of hours have passed as I followed my passion and interests, saw my anxiety heal, my fog lift, and my heart open up. New opportunities surfaced and doors opened that had previously been out of my sight and barred. I started to feel like my innate Self again, as I was slowly clearing away the burdens and barriers that had blocked me from that joyous little girl inside of me. The one that always knew where she was going and what she wanted.  And I made a promise to myself that I would share with others – especially young women - how I found this place and process. How I reconnected with my true Self, uncovered long-forgotten gifts and passions, and established a life that I am constantly inspired and driven by.

As an Intuitive Guide and coach, I am honored to support others in their own journeys of self-discovery. I deeply value this sacred, lifelong work of understanding the self, the soul, and the paths that we are each uniquely designed to take. My approach is integrated and holistic, calling upon both my intuitive gifts and study in modalities for mindfulness and coaching, as well as my ability to read systems of self-understanding, specifically color and numerology, Human Design and astrological natal charts. Throughout my work, I have seen accuracy of these systems and how deeply empowering and validating this work can be in helping those who are searching to rediscover their inner gifts and their true purpose – a beautiful process that was catalyzed when a young girl received a seemingly simple book from her father. 

For more information on my practice and my services, please visit kellyjingraham.com.

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