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Talking Business with the Owners of SMASH City

I love sitting down with my business clients and listening to their vision. I often tell them to continue to dream big and let us do what is necessary to legally form and plan even bigger. Recently, I had the pleasure of turning the tables and being the one asking for advice for this interview with Paul and Ashley Moody, the husband-and-wife team behind SMASH City and their partner, Scott Stallings.

Mital: What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs?

Paul: Before starting your business, ask yourself if you love the journey. Not just the destination, but what it takes to get there. There are going to be amazing days that will far outshine the bad days but you have to love the process to get through the rough times. Once you have done that, be sure to find a work/life balance, however that looks to you. Lastly, numbers do not lie. Don't be romantic about a product, service or process if it is not working.

Mital: What steps did you take to create and protect your brand?

Ashley: I had a pretty good idea of our brand identity, but the most important thing we did was hire an amazing branding consultant/graphic designer to help bring our vision to life. Her ability to combine my thoughts, our flavors, and the general vibes of the food with her exceptional skill, and create something out of thin air was pivotal for the branding process. However, truly creating a brand is an ongoing process that is always evolving and expanding so don’t put limits on yourself or get too comfortable. Protecting our brand is something we knew we couldn’t do alone. Mital, you and your team have saved us so many headaches and we are so glad you are walking us through this. A legal team like yours is the only answer.

Mital: How are you handling the fast growth of your business, especially as you are breaking into numerous markets nationwide?

Paul: It all has to do with preparation. What feels fast to one person, might not feel as fast to another. We are simply navigating a growth rate that is being set in front of us as well as choosing when to pull back and say no when it doesn’t feel right. Thankfully, we have surrounded ourselves with people who have gone before us — in business and in the communities, we are expanding into.

Ironically, Scott Stallings was heading out of town shortly after our meeting. I asked him, with all of his time commitments as a professional golfer and travel schedule, what did he look for when partnering/investing with this concept. Scott said that for him “it is about the people” and that “good businesses don’t work without good people.” He shared that, “Paul and Ashely are awesome!” and that he is “happy to be a part of what they are doing.”

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