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Main dining room at MARCH. Julie Soefer Photography

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Tastemaker: MARCH Restaurant

Indulge at MARCH Restaurant, the newest addition to Houston's fine dining scene.

Houston's newest fine dining restaurant opened its doors in late March, and the revolving door of delighted patrons hasn't stopped since. Located in Montrose and perched atop Rosie Cannonball, MARCH is a delight to the senses. Goodnight Hospitality has proven once again that the combination of delicious food, an innovative beverage menu, and transformative ambiance are the ideal trifecta.

MARCH's opening was delayed by exactly one year because of the pandemic, but diners are being rewarded for their patience. Small bespoke details such as the dining tables, designed by chef Felipe Riccio's wife, Hayley, and the custom art and décor bring the dining experience to life. Riccio and his team had additional time to put the final touches on their menu and execute in a very deliberate way but are happy to see the dining room finally open.

"MARCH was ready a year ago. There were finishing touches that needed to be done because there always are, but we were ready to go before the world shut down," says Riccio, chef and partner at Goodnight Hospitality.

The creativity and flavor coming out of the kitchen at MARCH is something to be lauded. Riccio and the rest of the culinary team put together dishes based on extensive research, and the flavor combinations of the six or nine-course tasting menus are seamless. You can trust that your meal came from the perspective of fusing seasonal flavors that work melodiously and is based on cuisine from specific regions of the Mediterranean. The first iteration of the menu focuses on the westernmost part of the Arab world in the Mediterranean and Northwest Africa.

"Because our menu is research-based and we put so much work into the dishes, we want to be able to showcase them to as many people as we can. We are looking at changing the menu quarterly, with smaller changes because of seasonality in between," says Riccio. "Each menu will come with a new focus or shift depending on what the research is giving us."

Every guest at MARCH begins their evening in the lounge and is served a small trio of appetizers along with herb and fruit-infused housemade vermouth. Diners can also order a drink from the cocktail menu, where Mediterranean herbs serve as the focal point of each delicious drink. Like everything else at MARCH, the lounge serves a specific purpose. The small moment before dinner allows guests to decompress before their meal begins.

"Everyone starts in the lounge because we want our guests to be relaxed and feel at ease," says captain and sommelier Alex Faulkner. "We compare it to going to someone's home for a dinner party. When you first get there, you have a drink and appetizers around the kitchen island. We wanted our guests to have the same sort of feeling when they arrive at MARCH."

In addition to the carefully crafted dining and cocktail menus, MARCH boasts an 11,000-bottle wine cellar and inspired beverage program directed by Mark Sayre. Sayre, who also serves as general manager, spent the better part of the pandemic curating the elevated wine experience. Each course on the tasting menu is paired to perfectly to showcase the flavors of the wine and the food.

"Philosophically, we work with producers that we love because we know their flavors will enhance the menu," says Sayre. "It is nice because chef Riccio knows so much about wine. In some ways, we work backward and choose a great wine, and he creates a dish around that."

Perhaps one more thing that is more impressive at MARCH than the menu is the knowledge of everyone in the restaurant. Perfectly versed in every dish, glass of wine, and detail about the evening – guests are fully attended to by everyone on staff. Dining at MARCH is not just a meal; it is a unique dining experience. The two-plus hours you will spend in the luxe atmosphere will be the culinary micro-staycation you never knew you needed.  

MARCH Restaurant 

1624 Westheimer, Houston TX 77006 


“We came to find that the histories of many producers that we know and love are interwoven. In a sense, the entire experience of March is our love letter to the hospitality industry and our community through food, wine, culture, people and the constant passion to continue to learn about them.” Goodnight Hospitality partner and Master Sommelier June Rodil.

  • Julie Soefer Photography
  • Main dining room at MARCH. Julie Soefer Photography
  • Julie Soefer Photography
  • Alex Negranza, MARCH Bar Manager. Julie Soefer Photography
  • Photo courtesy of MARCH Restaurant.
  • Photo Credit Abbie Arnold.