Tasty Pet Treats For Beating The Heat

Indulge Your Furry Friends This Summer With Healthy Snacks

Summer is filled with long days of sunshine and heaping doses of heat and humidity. Many of us try to beat the heat by treating ourselves to our favorite cool concoctions. From ice cream to sno-cones to iced mochas, nothing refreshes like frozen treats.

Like us, our pets also suffer from the heat. They, too, deserve a chance to cool down their favorite treats.

Unfortunately, most human delicacies are not good for our furry friends. Our nutritional needs are very different from those of our pets. Feeding pets the wrong kind of treats can be harmful, resulting in serious health issues.

Luckily, there are many healthy choices available that can safely help our pets beat the heat. Here are a few treats available from local merchants and/or online that are sure to elicit a rousing chorus of happy barks and meows from your pets.

1.     Purina Frosty Paws Peanut Butter Flavor Frozen Dog Treats – package of 4 - $5.14 – Walmart.com

2.     Pooch Creamery Birthday Cake Ice Cream Mix Dog Treat – 5.25 oz. cup - $5.99 – Chewy.com

3.     Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Interactive Wet Cat Treats – 32 tubes - $18.44 – Amazon.com

4.     The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Pup-PIE Apple Cheddar Maple Vanilla Dog Treats – 5 oz. pouch - $5.99 – Chewy.com

5.     Wiggles & Wags Bake Shop Ice Cream Sandwiches – 3 count - $4.99 – PetSmart.com

6.     Puppy Scoops Birthday Cake Flavor Ice Cream Mix – 5.65 oz. - $7.98 – PetSuppliesPlus.com

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