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Tax Planning Made Easy

Join forces with Daybreak Tax’s strategic tax adviser Steve Nay

After graduating with a computer science degree, Steve Nay pursued a career in technology. He has worked in software development and cybersecurity at small and large companies alike. Come 2022, he felt motivated to support professionals like himself in reaching their unique goals, specifically through taxes.

Nay has always enjoyed the puzzle aspect of taxes. Upon learning what it would take to transform that interest into a business, he took the IRS Enrolled Agent exam. As a federally authorized tax specialist, he now assists businesses, individuals, and families through Daybreak Tax.

“Taxes are a key piece of your financial situation. To get everything to work together, we optimize while keeping in mind the big picture,” says Nay. “Tax law is this complicated system that’s changing all the time, but we’ll figure out how to fit your pieces into that system.”

A firm believer in financial education, Nay co-hosts a podcast with financial coach Tyler Smith called It’s Not About The Money. Primarily about solopreneurship, the podcast offers evergreen resources for anything from launching a side hustle with minimal capital to explaining how tax brackets work.

“Folks who get into this business do it because we want to help people understand their finances better and have the peace of mind that things are done right,” says Nay. “I’ll hold your hand through this process. Lots of people have walked this road before and it’s going to be fun.”

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