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Tea from Two

A husband-and-wife team brand a premium tea collection from India.

Poorvi Chordia, an attending physician at Grady Hospital, and her husband Abe, a Harvard-trained radiologist, are bringing the best tea from India to BuckHaven.

Tea is rooted in their culture, but Poorvi and Abe’s decision to launch a tea brand was triggered by the pandemic. While on the frontline as doctors, their passion for tea grew fonder as they cherished the time spent at home with their young daughters. This included an interest in loose-leaf teas, studying to be a tea sommelier, and tending to their urban garden. 

In a leap of faith, last fall Poorvi and Abe started selling their tea, Noble Roots, on the weekends at local farmer’s markets. After merely 12 months, they attracted a loyal following of tea lovers and enthusiasts. This fall they launched nationwide with Herbs & Kettles, a collection of premium teas from India, available for purchase online, including their top-selling golden lattes and herbal tea blends. 

“Because we have met most of our tea growers, we are very confident that we are sharing some of the finest and best tasting whole-leaf teas from India’s tea regions with Atlanta and beyond,” explains Poorvi. 

The quality and taste of their tea is paramount, but as a certified tea sommelier, Poorvi emphasizes the importance of how to select, prepare, and steep the perfect cup of tea. 

The Herbs & Kettles premium tea collection is verified by their in-person visits to small and mid-size gardens and with farmers who are committed to harvesting single source, single batch. These select growers that they collaborate with produce high-quality specialty whole-leaf teas versus broken-leaf teas and are committed to fair trade and fair labor practices. 

While Poorvi and Abe travel to India for business and family, there’s no place like their home in Buckhead’s Castlewood neighborhood. Aside from tea, they are passionate about traveling. Their summer family trip included a trek to Glacier National Park. 

“We truly love living in Buckhead, as it is exciting while also being a superb location to raise a family and start a business,” says Poorvi. “We love that Buckhead is a part of Atlanta but still has its own unique feel with top-notch dining, recreation, and shopping. We also love that people from all around the globe have come to call this area home. After being perpetual nomads for medical training, we feel blessed to finally spread our roots in Buckhead.”