Ted Learakos and the talented team at UAMC.

United American Mortgage Corp. offers an array of mortgage services and programs designed to suit every client’s needs.

It’s no secret that the housing market is on fire. Buyers nationwide are hot on the trail of their dream homes, a path that starts by enlisting the expertise and experience of a reputable mortgage company.

That’s where Ted Learakos of United American Mortgage Corporation comes into play. Ted and the talented team at UAMC work tirelessly to help their clients reach their financing goals—whether than entails home buying, selling, refinancing, or building a brand-new personal oasis. 

Since 1980, when he decided to trade days spent working at his food produce business for the mortgage industry, Ted has committed to educating and empowering his clients.

Ted’s success with UAMC has allowed him to strike a balance between two of his greatest passions—in addition to the mortgage business, he owns Katella Grill with his brother Mike, a family-operated restaurant in Orange County. 

His family, including his parents, wife, brother, and two adult daughters proudly provide delicious old family recipes to the local community.

Ted enjoys being able to carry on a Greek family tradition while also equipping clients with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions on a daily basis.

UAMC offers an array of mortgage services and programs designed to suit every client’s needs.

Ted thrives on having multiple irons in the fire. The constantly changing mortgage industry keeps him on his toes—and never bored!

Early on in his career as a loan originator for Beverly Hills Savings and Loan and Equity Converters, he decided what type of dynamic he wanted to develop with his clients.

Ted’s mentor, Joe Huntsman, who initiated his venture into the industry, asked him what type of loan officer he wanted to be—a transactional loan officer or a relationship loan officer?

Ted learned that transactional loan officers find financial success quickly by prioritizing their profits, whereas relationship loan officers value the best interest of the client above all else.

Relationship loan officers reap rewards that include repeat business for years to come. “Of course, 41 years later, you can see the route I took... and I still love the business!”

In addition to the words of wisdom imparted to Ted by his mentor, he also remains professionally inspired by the owner of UAMC, Al Hensling.

Mr. Hensling’s track record of honesty, integrity and innovation in the mortgage business led to developing unmatched systems in the industry, which served to further fuel Ted’s motivation.

According to Ted’s clients, his accessibility is what sets his business apart from the competition.

“I have been told it is because I answer the phone. I like to think it is actually consistent performance.”

Ted also credits the longevity of his career to the loyalty of those who have surrounded and supported him over the years. His family, mentors, and co-workers are all sources of inspiration for Learakos—personally and professionally. 

A true family man, Ted has created a close-knit blend of business and community by establishing local “Financial Roundtable” events that bring realtors, mortgage professionals, and potential homebuyers together to learn more about acquiring property.

These educational events, which occur throughout Southern California (including the Keller Williams office on Yorba Linda Boulevard), allow community stakeholders and Real Estate professionals from all companies to collaborate and educate one another on the latest financial happenings and opportunities in the red-hot real estate market.

Guest speakers have included local politicians, athletes, and figures from the entertainment industry.

Efforts to engage and educate the community reflect UAMC’s mission to expose clients to all of the financing tools and options at their disposal.

Ted hopes to perpetuate the trustworthy, transparent client-lender relationships that he has been fortunate enough to fine-tune since his beginnings in the business. 

After decades of helping countless clients realize their dreams of property ownership, Ted and the United American Mortgage Corporation team remain dedicated to continuing to provide clients with service that—as the company’s slogan proclaims—is “trusted, tried, and true” for many years to come. https://tedlearakos.com/

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