Tegan Davis, Making an Impact

Smiles are the only goal.

Building community in the Denver Metro area is this positive ray of sunshine’s objective, one real estate client at a time.

A Colorado native, Tegan Davis is a licensed Real Estate Agent who focuses her energy, resources, and time on community building, networking, as well as establishing good turnkey solutions for each of her clients. Tegan, who holds an Interior Architecture and Design degree, has an effervescent and very optimistic personality that makes her adept at space planning on the fly when touring potential homes with clients. This allows her to paint a picture of the possibilities and hidden potential in the client’s mind. No Jedi mind tricks here, being part of the award-winning iMPACT Team at Your Castle Real Estate, the agent has access to dedicated, localized information and statistics that help her to stay at the forefront of industry trends and market conditions. At the outset of her career in 2016, Tegan began finding properties for her family members and friends, while also building a community network of investors, teammates, and fellow agents. Today, she thrives in her role of connecting with and guiding her clients throughout all stages of real estate, utilizing her expertise, knowledge, and skills for a seamless process, as well as helping to make their dream home a reality. 

Raised in a diverse family of artistic, educated, medical, and social work personalities, the young professional gained the assertion, belief, and understanding that the world is expansive and open to everyone. Tegan highly values the opportunities she may have to enlighten and teach her clients, whether it be through their first home purchase, a move-up, or growing family purchase, or with an investment wealth builder. The seasoned iMPACT Team expert guides with the genuine care and patience of a tenured professor, having learned that a great lesson plan would be ill-prepared without first listening to the desires, needs, and wishes of the students. As such, the approach Tegan takes is to carefully listen to and consider the needs and wishes of her clients and then incorporate those elements into the final decision. By continuing to learn about the real estate market and the way in which the present affects future affordability, Mrs. Davis is a staunch advocate for “getting on the train” of home ownership sooner rather than later. She firmly believes that no goal is too small or too large and will support and encourage everyone whom she meets, noting her overall goal is to restore faith in humanity as well as be a cheerleader to everyone encountered.

Tegan, rather than being resistant to change and those relocating to the local area, warmly welcomes them with the understanding that new individuals and families help to strengthen and solidify Colorado’s economy. A genuine interest and passion for people are essential factors that motivate her to care deeply about her clients as they embark upon making one of the largest and most important purchases of their lives. By exerting her earnest efforts in all areas, Tegan hopes that the affordability of real estate will allow everyone a fair opportunity at home ownership. True success, for Mrs. Davis, is not defined by the number of homes that she has sold thus far but by how many clients and families she has served, which invigorates her to keep setting and striving to reach new goals. Overall, Tegan puts her whole heart into everything that she does and works tenaciously to deliver the very best results to fulfill as well as satisfy the desires and needs of her clients. She is such a peppy pop of sunshine who rains down positivity!

Some of the best-loved moments Tegan has are going for walks with her son, husband, and two dogs, enjoying the outdoors with camping, picnics, and hiking activities, as well as basking in the little moments when everyday beauty presents itself. One treasured local scenery that she considers to be breathtaking is the view that may be seen from 80th Ave when flying over Interstate 36 heading West between Lowell and Sheridan Boulevard. Discovering these little wonders breathes life into finding unique properties, as she carefully curates the very best and most suitable options for her clients. 

Call Tegan Davis, licensed Real Estate Agent and member of the award-winning iMPACT Team at Your Castle Real Estate, for a pep talk, someone to cheer you on, or to discuss your home-ownership goals.

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