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One of Misty's painted portraits

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Telling Stories Through Photos

Misty Westebbe Photography

Article by Linda Dohse

Photography by Misty Westebbe

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Meet Misty Westebbe, a unique Franklin photographer who derives extreme joy, not only from
the beautiful photos she takes, but also from the inspiration and experiences she shares with her
clients at every photo shoot.

As you walk up to Misty’s home and studio just west of downtown Franklin, you’ll find it hard
not to be mesmerized by what your eyes first take in—a little blue house with a white picket fence
nestled on 2 1/2 acres of pristine property. As you stroll along the winding path behind her home,
you’ll discover distinctive props ranging from a tire swing and ’57 Chevy to a collection of
rustic barn doors and a newly completed hobbit house, a Nashville music cabin built by her
husband and business partner Bruce.

“I am more than just a portraitist; I strive to be a storyteller,” says Misty. “Every prop on our
property has a story which makes photographing on our land even more special. Our focus is
always on the people, but the props make it exciting and fun for everyone.”

Although Misty refers to herself as a family photographer, she explains, “This doesn’t mean you
just do families. It means you’re there for the maternity shoot, the newborn shoot, the high
school senior shoot and beyond.”

Misty also offers timeless painted portraits. Many gifts are quickly forgotten, but an original
Misty Westebbe painted portrait is the ultimate heirloom—a treasure that will be passed down
for generations.

Misty's Styling Tips
—Wear solid colors.
—Wear form-fitting clothing (more flattering than blousy clothes).
—Texture in your clothing adds visual interest.
—Coordinate outfits, but don’t match identically.

Misty’s Posing Tips
—Avoid direct sunlight.
—Shoot in the morning or later evening.
—Shoot in the shade or a shady area that reflects light.

  • One of Misty's painted portraits