Courtside Namaste

Three Yoga Poses for Racquet Sport Players Courtesy of Scottsdale's New Wellness Hub

Anterior Shoulder Stretch 

Stretches your shoulders for tennis serves and groundstrokes.

From a standing position, hold your racquet behind your back with the grip in one hand and the head of the racquet in the other. Have your palms face forward and slowly lift the racquet away from the back. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then relax. After, roll the shoulders.

Neck Stretch 

Exercises the neck for swift movement in following the ball.

Sit cross-legged and elongate your spine. Slowly drop your right ear to your right shoulder. Tent your left fingertips to lightly rest on the floor. After 5-7 breaths, slightly dial your chin toward your right collarbone to change the stretch. Rotate sides.

Anjaneyasana Low Lunge

Stretches the psoas and quadriceps.

From a tabletop position, step one foot between the hands and stack the knee above the ankle. Keep the back knee on the ground. Hands can come to rest on the thigh of the bent knee OR arms can extend to the sky. Hold for 5-10 breaths. Learn more at Scottsdale's new Wellness Hub,

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