TerrainHopper USA

Todd Lemay Off-Roading His Way to CEO

Growing up, Todd Lemay always liked the beach but wasn’t able to fully experience it because his wheelchair couldn’t roll through the sand. Years ago, he took his girlfriend, Leticia (now his wife) to the ocean for the first time—but they couldn’t enjoy her first walk on the beach together because the sand wasn’t accessible. When Lemay discovered TerrainHopper, a British-based company, he purchased one of its power-driven mobility devices and had it shipped to him.

The TerrainHopper is the ultimate in off-road mobility, providing people a way to explore places that were previously inaccessible to them, such as desert trails, forests, snow-covered ground and, of course, sand.

“It was a missed moment that I will not get back. I never forgot that and when I received my TerrainHopper, the first thing I did was walk along the beach holding my wife’s hand. It was all that I had imagined and more”

He was hooked. He merged his two successful businesses and sold them. Then he and his wife set their sights on exploring America with the TerrainHopper.

Lemay started thinking about all the people closer to home who’d enjoy it too and contacted the company about the future of their business in the States. In 2017, after more than a year of negotiations, he became the CEO of TerrainHopper USA.

The device, each custom built to meet the needs of its user and driven with hand controls, is designed for people of all ages, including kids. The speed ranges from 4 to 12 mph, depending on the area and terrain. If used by a person with a mobility impairment, they’re permitted anywhere a pedestrian is allowed to walk, even if signs state, “no motorized vehicles.”

“There is no license requirement, and it is extremely easy to operate. We have a lot of customers who are not in wheelchairs, but they might have a bad back or knee, or their age prevents them from walking long distances. They use the TerrainHopper so they can continue to participate in activities they love with their friends and family.”

“I have also started to go on hikes almost every weekend with my wife and our friends. There is literally a whole new list of places that I can now go and explore,” Todd shares. 

Explore more at TerrainHopperUSA.com.

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