Texas Summer Storm Ready

A few tips for making your home safe for storm season

Here in east Texas the weather can be unpredictable and unyielding. Storms are often the cause of sudden and unexpected tragedies, a lesson that natives to the Houston area are well acquainted with. Frank Billingsley, KPRC Chief Meteorologist, is predicting that six hurricanes will be hitting the Houston area this storm season, and everyone needs to prepare for the rising dangers that specifically impact our area.

Being surrounded by tall pine trees, our homes are at significant risk here in The Woodlands and Montgomery County.   Strong hurricane winds snap branches from trees, which fall and crash down on homes and cars, our roads flood with murky rivers of water, and backyard pools
are targets for lightning strikes. There are numerous ways to avoid harm during summer storm season and keep your families safe. Here are a few suggestions to immediately alleviate danger before the hurricane hits your area:
 Prepare a storage of unperishable goods, toilet paper, portable chargers, generators, and day-to-day necessities—including medication.
 Make sure to be informed about when hurricane season starts, ends, and what days are predicted to have severe weather.
 Day of, make sure all electronics are charged in case of a power outage, and keep a live stream of weather alerts readily available. YouTube offers live broadcasts during severe weather, as well as local weather stations.
 It is also important to know your zone and how much of a risk your home is in, and in case of an emergency, construct a family evacuation plan. According to the National Weather Service website, Montgomery County is zone 199.
 Avoid windows and the second floor of your home. Find a room within the center of your structure and take shelter. 

When the storm passes, avoid flood waters, as they do contain harmful bacteria—such as E. Coli and Salmonella--from sewage, live, damaged landline wires, and snakes.

It is possible your home may take damage, specifically to your roof.
A common misconception is that roofing is waterproof. Your home roof is a water-resistant shedding system that requires routine maintenance. According to Brian Finley, the owner of Roof Concept Construction, the reason a lot of people endure extreme damages during storms is because of their lack of consistent care to their roofs. He recommends that every homeowner have a twice a year routine maintenance checkup, so that damage can be found before storms increase the risk of danger. Further, he stresses the importance of cleaning out home gutters, as a blockage could have severe consequences.

Most of the homes in the area were built with lower grade shingles, which deteriorate after wear and tear. And, due to their cheap and flimsy nature, they don’t last homeowners long. Further, rubber pipe boots break down over time, leaving gaps between pipe and roof and
allowing water to seep inside. Routine maintenance allows these issues to be fixed long before they cause permanent damage to your home or the people within. 

Overall, with proper safety knowledge, everyone has the possibility to make it through storm season in east Texas happy, healthy, and storm ready.

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