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Thank You For Smiling!

If you’re able to smile, share a smile, and know that you are blessed.

     When we are fortunate enough to have our health and safety we can count ourselves lucky. But when we are enveloped in love and support from a bounty of friends and family, we can count ourselves blessed. To feel blessed is beyond, and daresay better than, lucky. Luck is impersonal, but to be blessed is Divine. To try your luck, you have only to pull the arm of a slot machine a random number of times in Las Vegas, awaiting good fortune as a bounty of money from an impersonal entity to be awarded to you. Good luck may feel exhilarating for all the hard work you put into life and felt like you got nothing in return, but it doesn’t feel quite as good as the feeling of being blessed. 

            To be blessed is to be inspired by the divine interconnection of relationships cultivated with mutual trust and satisfaction. To be blessed is to be beneficent, inspiring us to do something to benefit others with good merit without needing anything in return, because our heart is already full. To be blessed is a smile, and to have something to smile about, because not everyone can smile all of the time. Moving through turbulent times reminds us we are blessed with courage and resiliency, knowing this, too, shall pass. A smile can turn the tide. And when it does, a smile will return to all of us, like an ocean of genuine smiling hearts and faces mirroring compassion from each to each, in unity. So today, put on a smile and share

            The doctors at Blessed Smile and Smile On You dentistries, Dr. Ritchie Park and Dr. Sooji Lee, are thankful and feel blessed for the opportunity to make you smile. Blessed Smile is a comprehensive family dentistry with four convenient locations in Yorba Linda, Diamond Bar, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo. Each location has added more health and safety screenings this year to make Blessed Smile Dentistry the highest standard in dental health care. They specialize in dental implants including implant dentures, All-On-4 implants, short term braces, and the “Six Month Smile.” They accept most dental plans, and have created the VIP Blessed Membership Club for those without dental insurance so everyone can get the benefits of expert care with affordable oral examinations, cleanings, x-rays, and discounts on dental treatments.

            “Thank you to our wonderful patients who trust us, and our team members Diana, Teresa, Breanna, Claudia, Hamie, Jennifer, Wendy, Dr. Paul, Dr. Lee, Dr. Park, and their families, our friends and children who stand by us matter what... each of them supports us and makes us strong every day despite the storms of life. We are delighted every day and thankful every moment because we are together.”

Visit Blessed Smile or Smile on You Dentistry at or call 714-410-5486 to reach the Yorba Linda office on Valley View Ave.