Thanksgiving in the City by the Lake

Hendersonville Folks Share Their Reasons For Being Thankful

Each year in November, we traditionally gather with friends and family at Thanksgiving to celebrate the blessings in our lives. It is a time of gratitude; a time to pause and reflect on all of the good things that have happened throughout the year.

Thanksgiving 2020 will be no exception. Our celebrations may look and feel different than in the past, and we may have to dig a little deeper to find things to be grateful for, but we still need to take the time to appreciate our good fortune.

In order to help our readers get into the holiday spirit, Hendersonville Lifestyle asked several Hendersonville residents to share what they are most thankful for this year.

Fran Marcou

Realtor, RE/MAX Choice Properties

“I am grateful for my family and friends who truly fill my heart with love. I am thankful for good health to be able to enjoy the blessings of this life. I am grateful for the common sense to know when it's time to come inside from the rain!”

Jason Santiago

Fitness Coach and Owner, FitRev

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the wonderful people of Sumner County, especially my FitRev Training members. Being a part of so many people’s lifestyle changes is an honor and a true blessing.”

Dr. Hana Ali

Healthcare Professional, Comprehensive Arthritis

“First and foremost, I am most thankful to God Almighty for the precious gift of life, my family and good health. I praise and give thanks to God for my countless blessings every day of the year.

As American Muslims, my family celebrates Thanksgiving with joy and a cultural zest. We call it Eid Ul Shukr, which means ‘a celebration of blessings and gratitude.’

This year, I am especially thankful for the understanding of my Constitutional rights and freedoms. I am thankful for the freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion, freedom to protest and my right to vote and even run for public office.”

Dr. Jerry Faulkner

President, Volunteer State Community College

“I am so thankful for the friends we have made here in Middle Tennessee.  Without family close by, it is great to have the support and care of good friends.”

Holly Thompson

WSMV-TV News Anchor

“I am grateful for God’s many blessings, most importantly, my family. I am thankful for God’s grace and His peace and unfailing love. I am thankful for dear friends who are with me through the highs and lows of life. I am thankful to live in a caring and compassionate community. I am thankful that I get to help people wake up and start their mornings with a smile, working in a field that I love. I am thankful for the freedom to worship as I believe, share my opinions and hope for the future. Finally, as my sweet 98-year-old Grandma would always say, ‘thankful for eyes to see, ears to hear and a good sound mind.’”

Lynn Bowles

Publisher, Hendersonville Lifestyle

“First and foremost, I am thankful for the gift of good health for both me and my wife.  I am grateful for loved ones, good friends, food each day and a roof over my head. I believe that we must all take the time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives, while they are still in our lives.  While 2020 has been very challenging, we all still have a lot to be thankful for this year.”


Lee Rucks

President, Leadership Middle Tennessee

“I am grateful to have been born into a loving Christian family in the best country on earth.  I am grateful to live in an incredible community where I’ve been able to raise my own family.  I am grateful for supportive friends and family, a career I love and a business my husband and I started 10 years ago.”

Andy Gilley

Director, Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Department

“This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful to be living in a community where no matter what circumstances come before us, we always find a way to come together for good. This year, from January until now, has taught me that our town is a strong town, and that together, we can get through anything.”


Regina Bartlett

CEO, TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center

“I am grateful to be able to honor the words of late HCA founder Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., who said  ‘Bettering the human condition is the greatest good any individual can achieve.’  I am thankful for the privilege to have served with HCA Healthcare for 42 years and most grateful that the last 13 of those years have been at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center, where good people are bettering the human condition every day!”



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