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The Aesthetic Parlour Team’s Journey from Patient to Partners

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by James Williams

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

In 2020, aesthetic appointments with Jessica McNeil, FNP-C, were on Taya Reeves’ lengthy pre-wedding to-do list for both herself and her mom. 

“My mom was very apprehensive,” Taya recalls, noting her hesitation about receiving any aesthetic treatments. “Jess went over her aesthetic treatment plan and gave us peace of mind. I always really appreciate that my mom was so comfortable and finally did something she’d been wanting to do forever.” 

Prior to entering the field of aesthetics, Jess came from a robust medical background, working in the Vanderbilt emergency department, the cardiac cath lab and even as an internal medicine provider in West Tennessee. With a collection of degrees under her belt, Jess ultimately worked in regenerative care for a chiropractic practice, launching her interest in aesthetic medicine. 

“If you told me 10 years ago that I would’ve ventured into aesthetics, I probably would’ve laughed,” Jess shares. “The places that I’ve worked in have been fast-paced, high-volume, very acutely-ill patients. I started learning about aesthetics in 2018 and my desire to know more grew. It wasn’t about seeing where we could stick a syringe of filler. It was more about reversing the signs of aging and helping the patient look the most youthful version of themselves.” 

Taya continued her appointments with Jess, and the pair forged a friendship that would lead to Taya accepting a part-time position following the reduction of work in the music industry during the pandemic. Ultimately, Jess and Taya decided to launch their joint brand in downtown Franklin, The Aesthetic Parlour. 

“We’re not just focused on the business part, aesthetics is actually a specialty of medicine,” Jess adds. “During a consultation, we sit down and discuss their past medical history, such as medical conditions, surgical history, allergies, daily prescribed medication, as well as over-the-counter medications. This information is so important for me to know so I can provide them with safe care.” 

The medical requirements for injectors vary from state to state, but having a provider that understands the full scope of healthcare, medications, allergies, and beyond, is imperative when researching options. This was learned by Taya firsthand following her mother’s initial consultation and the attention to medical history beyond aesthetics and further piqued her interest in continuing education. 

“I was used to working with fast-paced private and corporate companies, so I was prepared to handle the business aspects when we opened,” Taya shares. “Working alongside Jessica, I developed a love for the clinical side and was inspired to go to nursing school.”

Taya is currently enrolled in nursing school to further expand the education behind the Aesthetic Parlour team. 

“When patients come in for their appointment, we’re very welcoming and comforting,” Jess says. “Building a rapport between patient and provider is huge for us. For the majority of our patients, we know them well, it’s more of a personal experience.” 

When booking an appointment with the Aesthetic Parlour, patients can expect an initial consultation and a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs, which includes medical-grade skincare, HydraFacial's, microneedling and injectables. The team is the only practice in downtown Franklin to offer PDO thread lifts, an innovative method to tighten and lift skin. 

“Aesthetics has changed over the years,” Jess adds. “It’s not where you can stick filler here and there. It’s about contouring and balancing the face. Over time, people have treated the symptoms but not the underlying cause, but it’s more about balance, maintaining a youthful appearance and helping patients feel their best.” 

Part of the Aesthetic Parlour’s tailored approach involves consulting on options that may not be suited for a particular patient, face type or problem area. 

“Not everyone is a candidate for every treatment,” Jess shares. “With my past history working as a bedside nurse and in internal medicine, I have knowledge of the different types of health conditions for me to be able to recognize and correlate treatment tailored to my patients.” 

Jess and Taya also feel strongly about educating every patient about the unrealistic standards set forth by social media and other external factors, focusing on enhancing each patient’s unique features rather than fitting into an unrealistic mold.

“We’ve helped a lot of patients over the years learn how to love themselves,” Jess adds.

The Aesthetic Parlour is located in downtown Franklin and is accepting patients for a full suite of services. For more information or to book an appointment, visit

  • L to R: Jessica McNeil, FNP-C and Taya Reeves

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