A new way to enjoy Broadway’s Hamilton

A smashing play and even more smashing drink

Article by Bryan and Kirsten Edwards

Photography by Bryan Edwards

Originally published in Tulsa City Lifestyle

Hamilton, the musical, has been sweeping the nation for years now. But thanks to Disney Plus, you can watch this revolutionary play in your own home. In of one of our Founding Father’s rise to stardom; I present the Alexander Hamilton. This drink is perfect for your Disney Plus watch party to join the frenzy of all things Hamilton.

Throughout this rap musical, the cast have several songs referring to things in numerical order, each with a specific meaning. I thought it would be only fitting to allot the simple three ingredients in this drink a metaphorical analogy to the play itself and how it lives up to all the hype.

Number One 

Champagne. Bubbles. Excitement.

This play revolves around the Revolutionary War, the creation of our nation’s capital and the birth of our financial systems. It is explosive. Just like the bubbles rise up, these characters quite literally share their stories of their dying wishes to rise to stardom, become martyrs and carry on a legacy. The champagne represents the bright, sharp, articulate rap battles that keep you on your toes. Way to start with a bang, right?

Number Two

Elderflower Liqueur. Sweet. Fruity. Sultry.

As the play progresses into Hamilton’s personal life and tribulations, the Schuyler sisters make their first appearance. Elderflower represents the young women perfectly. They are elegant, provide a sense of serenity and peace throughout the war and its transgressions. The sultry aftertaste may foreshadow into some of Hamilton’s less favorable decisions. Nonetheless, the drink and the play start off with a crisp structured beginning melting into the sweetness we have been longing for. When you combine the two together, it’s absolute perfection.

Number Three

The Gold Luster Dust. The finale. The piece de resistance.

Extra star power makes its presence known. This represents that swirly, gold mirage Hamilton gives to the play. During an interview with Lin Manuel Miranda, who plays Hamilton, he explains how this production gives a more magical, heartwarming, “rose colored glasses” feel to the beginning of our great country. Lin goes on to say he wrote the Broadway smash to provide patrons with a sense of grand patriotism and pride most feel after watching this play. His hope is to give the viewer inspiration to make this magical version more of a reality. A little magic gold dust, if you will.

As the curtain draws to a close, this drink is simply something fun to make while you watch an incredible piece of art and history. But look just a hair beyond the surface and you will find many hidden gems and meanings not only in the play, but in the creation of this delectable drink.

Alexander Hamilton


3 ounces Brut Champagne
2 ounces St. Elder Elderflower Liqueur
0.5 grams (Sprinkle) Pharaohs Egyptian Gold Dust

In a champagne glass pour the 3 ounces of champagne and add 2 ounces of St. Elder. Finish your cocktail with a sprinkle of gold dust and gently stir. Finally, enjoy the magic!

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