The Armchair Traveler

Exploring the World Through Books

Many of us had vacation and travel plans that went awry when the virus came knocking on our collective door. To mitigate the pain that you might be feeling, since those beautiful, blue waters of Greece were yanked out from under you, we decided to make Lemondrops (I meant lemonade) out of the lemons thrust upon us, and travel anyway. Sort of. As an armchair traveler, the world is your oyster. No planes, trains or automobiles necessary. One can travel from Australia to Botswana, to Italy, to India and finish up with Bali. All without suffering jet lag. Hey, this could catch on!

Eat, Pray, Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert   

Eat, Pray, Love describes in-depth Gilbert’s journey to find herself. We’re the lucky ones who get to go along. Savor La Dolce Vita in Italy. The descriptions bring one close to the scents and abundance of the Italian table. Travel with her to India and grasp the imagery of the dust and poverty. This story is rounded out by the beautiful beaches of Bali. All in all, there might not be a better tour, and you won’t find a better price!

The Ladies' No.1 Detective Agency 

By Alexander McCall Smith

These stories are a delight and will introduce you to one of the most engaging women in Botswana, Precious Ramotswe. Founding The Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency to help other people solve their problems, Mma Ramotswe uses her wit, wisdom and the help of her loyal assistant, Grace Makutsi, to get to the bottom of her cases. Reading through her adventures, you’ll get to know Botswana and its customs and begin to sense the dry African landscape. Sit down, put your feet up, and have a cup of tea with Precious. 

In a Sunburned Country

by Bill Bryson

Is Australia on your bucket list? Want to know the real scoop, and if those Aussie’s are really as chipper as they seem? Follow along with Bill Bryson in this nonfiction book, as he makes his way through a country that has more insects, animals and other things that can kill you than anywhere else in the world. You’ll be treated to encounters with cheerful Australians who share their thoughts and time with Bill, while he leads his readers off the beaten path into an adventure.

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