Welcome Guests with the Easy Abundance of a Board Presentation

Nothing quite says elegance, ease, intimacy and “welcome to my home” like gathering around a charcuterie board. In a time of simplifying and craving smaller gatherings with friends, there is an intimacy in sharing a board of delicious morsels whether on a picnic at a local lake or sitting in backyard around a fire.

A charcuterie board is a place for play and creativity. The pleasure you take in creating the board will be felt by those who partake in the bounty.  Everything can be sourced locally and lends itself to simpler times. Stroll through a local market for the freshest local produce, artisan cheeses, organic cured meats and fresh bread from your favorite bakery. Anything flat will work as a board and helps create interest and serves as a conversation piece.

Like building paint on a canvas, start with monochromatic wedge cheeses before nestling cured meats beside them.  Bring in any ramekins of olives, honey or jams next.  Fill in with seasonal fruit. Texture is added by the nuts and crackers or local bread.  The crowning touch is found in the final details of herbs or edible flowers. A gift to your guests, charcuterie boards free up time to connect and enjoy your loved ones. @BoardsbyJenny, @Partyfor20


From creamy to firm, aged to smoked—cater to all tastes with cows, goat and sheep milk and even vegan options. Present it in rounds, wedges, slices and cubes.


Try new meats from your butcher and present rolled, folded, fanned or pinched to look like lace, whichever tickles your fancy. 


Use the seasonal recommendations of your farmer when it comes to produce and fruit. The more variety, the more special your board will feel.


Go raw or go roasted.  Go traditional Oregon Filbert (aka hazelnut) or add rosemary sea salt Marcona almonds (or both).

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