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The Art of Orthodontics

A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth.

Having a beautiful smile contributes to our self-confidence and well-being. Orthodontics is truly an art! Dr. Eric M. Sacks, a board-certified orthodontist, Dentagrafix inventor, and former Rutgers School of Dental Medicine clinical assistant professor, can add “Artist” to his list of amazing, growing professional credentials.

At a young age, Dr. Sacks was inspired by his next-door neighbor to become an orthodontist.

What’s your “why”? “I want to be the best person I can be…as a doctor, boss, father, son, husband.”

What inspires you? “My wife and kids inspire me to be a better person…my colleagues, friends. I’m always learning.”

The Art: A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. “The face is the framework for the teeth. It’s important to create a smile that compliments someone’s facial features - the teeth must look good within the framework of the face. There’s a lot of facial aesthetics involved, not just the teeth.”

Technology: “I only adopt treatments based on proven technologies, like our iTero digital scanner which has revolutionized orthodontics. It offers improved accuracy, greater precision, and no goopy mess or gagging.”  

Braces vs Invisalign: Both can help achieve a beautiful smile. “Braces, they’re fixed on the teeth and are working all the time. Invisalign makes hygiene easier, with no dietary restrictions and less office visits. You can do a hybrid of both treatments as well. Each case is different and I review all of them personally.” With over 4,000 Invisalign patients, Dr. Sacks is NJ’s #1 Invisalign orthodontist.

What inspired you to invent Dentagrafix?With more treatment moving towards removable appliances, personalization was missing. Dentagrafix are clear in the front with colorful designs in the back, allowing for personalization. “ 

Schedule a complimentary consultation today in Livingston or Summit. See for yourself why his love of the “Art of Orthodontics” is evident from the modern, clean and fresh spa-like décor that soothes any dental anxiety, state-of-the-art equipment, amazing staff, to his full-service practice for all your dental needs. Dr. Sacks - orthodontist, inventor and artist. ,