The Art of Regifting

Gift expert shares etiquette for passing on a present

Thinking of regifting this holiday season? Let’s learn some gift etiquette tips from gift expert and Owner & Founder of Painless Gifting Stephani Preston Loffredo.

Regifting may be a sensitive subject, but we all know it is a reality. So, let’s talk about it so we all can come to a positive conclusion about regifting.


The problem is: how do we regift responsibly? Many people think of regifting as dreadful and is frowned upon. Maybe that is because it is not done the right way. It is much easier than you think. Regifting can be a good thing in many ways – when done correctly. Let me explain…


When you give a gift to someone, do it with forethought and goodwill and make it special to them. Let them know the gift may not have been your taste, but you thought of the other person right away and knew it was the right gift for them. When you explain that you were thinking of that person, and that person only, you just made them feel special.


Make sure you take time to rewrap the gift. It is important to make sure it does not have your name behind the “to” or the name of the person who originally gave that gift to you!


Honesty goes a long way, especially with friends and colleagues. They may find out that the gift was regifted, and if you were not honest, this could end badly. However, when you show that person how special they are and how much you know their likes – you just may win bonus points.oH Be honest with the person who presented you with the gift in the first place. If it is someone you know well, let them know it was not your taste. Explain that your friend loves that particular item, and you spread the joy by giving it to them. Although the gift may not have been right, make sure you understand that the person thought enough of you to give you a gift, so show appreciation no matter what.


Sensitivity and thoughtfulness go a long way when dealing with delicate issues. Some people may be offended immediately about a regift. However, with grace and communication, you will be able to show that person how special they are that you chose a perfect gift for them. You also went without a gift in order to give them this gift. Your social grace will show your appreciation for the gift, and your sacrifice to give it up so that another may have that gift. In other words, the person to whom you regifted is more special because you gave up your gift.


Think of regifting as recycling - a very good thing that reduces unwanted items and clutter and helps the earth.


Gift Giving is a sign of appreciation and emotion that can uplift a person’s mood or show someone you care. It can show you are sorry, and it is a way to apologize sympathetically. The art of gift giving has been a human act for centuries. Humans are an emotional being, and gifts help bring people closer, and gifts can show sincere appreciation.

Show someone you care by giving the right gift. Get to know people and ask them about themselves. And keep in mind that a gift you can always give someone is listening.

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