The Art of the Cigar

Kansas City's Cigar Lounge Scene

Cigar lovers often wax poetic when describing the pleasures of a good cigar. Their experiences are tactile. Cigar smokers have frequently compared cigar smoking to romance. And it's not just men who frequently pine over the virtues of lingering over a Perdomo or Montecristo.

Cigar smoking has grown in popularity. Many people enjoy the socializing aspect of it while some prefer to use it as a source of relaxation. As with wine, what people are looking for in a cigar can vary among individuals. Each person's palate is unique, and each experience with a cigar is distinctive. When people buy a premium cigar they are looking for quality craftsmanship and often something that has specific taste, aroma or even burn characteristics. Every cigar is a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art. 

Kansas City has a variety of cigar lounges around the city, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites.

Diebel's Sportsmen Gallery

426 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO

The Cigar Room

108 SE 3rd St. Lee's Summit, MO

Outlaw Cigar and Brewery

309 E 10th Ave., North Kansas City, MO 

Outlaw Cigar

13700 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS

Fireside Cigar 

15999 S Bradley Dr Olathe, KS

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