The Beard is Real

The beard, hair, and round little belly of this Santa are real. Bob Bulick, along with his wife Jocelyn, are members of Oklahoma Santas, a chapter of IBRBS, an International organization of Santas and Christmas Performers. She is now the new President-elect of Oklahoma Santas. Both participate regularly in professional performance development while supporting other Claus ambassadors.

“Initially we saw it as simply something fun to do as a couple. But something happened, something wonderful, much more important to our community than we ever imagined.”

Bob started as Santa eight years ago in a fun Christmas card photoshoot; Jocelyn waited until retirement to tap back into her community theater thespian mode and develop Mrs. Jossie Claus. Both create joy by engaging audiences in song, dance, games, and storytelling, besides posing for your memorable photographs. Knighting children into The Order of The Holly, sing-alongs, relating new North Pole stories, and tuck-ins are just a few of the fun things Jossie likes to do. They recently published MOMMS: The Mountain of Mis-Matched Socks, a heartwarming, beautifully illustrated Christmas book.

All children bring their toy lists and tell Santa their wishes, and so do a few adults. They share heartfelt memories and stories of fathers who once donned the beard and coat, who passed away after years of bringing that magical moment on Christmas Eve.

“While always believing in the spirit of Santa, we were reminded how to believe like a child does. For us; we are not the Clauses, I am simply an old man with a big beard, a red suit and Jossie is a retired college administrator. But our hearts have grown three sizes since beginning this adventure. We are not the Clauses, but we get to represent the best that there is. We are not Santa and Mrs. Claus until a child recognizes us and then we are all of that, and more. Through Santa’s eyes we get to see hope and joy we never thought was so abundant.”

“While always believing in the spirit of Santa, we were reminded how to believe like a child does.”

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