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The family room blends clean interior design with a view of the beautiful Cottontown countryside.

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Dreams Come True With A Hannah Custom Home

Local Builder Showcases A Beautiful Residence

“There’s no place like home.”

For some, home is a warm and comforting place where families come together to celebrate the good times in life and to comfort one another when faced with life’s challenges. For others, it is a refuge from the cares of the world – a personal space that reflects the owner’s interests, hopes and desires. Regardless of the definition, owning a home represents the ultimate attainment of the American dream.

However, homeownership is not a one-size-fit-all proposition. Just as there are many different types of homes, there are also many types of owners.

Some buyers are so happy with their first home that they never move again. They become sentimentally attached to their dwellings, which are filled with fond memories of family and friends.

Other homeowners are not content with the status quo. They find that they have outgrown their current houses, and they are ready move up in size and features. For these buyers, there is only one option – designing and building a custom home.

Fortunately,  there is an easy solution to this dilemma – Hannah Custom Homes.  Founded in 2005 by Dusty Hannah, Jeff Pyle and Misty Pyle, Hannah Custom Homes is well known throughout Middle Tennessee for building beautiful, high-quality homes that set new standards for design and detail.

“Building a custom home is a wonderful process that enables a homeowner to curate their living space to support their family’s lifestyle,” says Misty Pyle, Hannah Custom Homes co-owner and CFO. “Our homebuilding approach results in a new house that instantly feels like home.”

Since its inception, Hannah has constructed many beautiful homes across the region. Every home is a unique dwelling that has been custom crafted to reflect the individual needs and desires of its owners.

One of the finest examples of Hannah's craftsmanship is a beautiful custom home located in Sumner County. This 7,000+ sq. ft. home showcases Hannah's eye for design and attention to construction detail. Within its spacious confines, the house features four large bedrooms, four full bathrooms, two half baths, a bonus/bunk room, a full bar and two levels of premier outdoor living spaces. Both the exterior siding and the interior foyer wall treatments are constructed out of Shou Sugi Ban wood.

“After designing and building many houses over the years, we pretty much knew what we wanted in our new home,” says Dusty. “Once we decided to build, the entire project took about eighteen months – four to six months for planning, design and preconstruction, and an additional twelve months for construction.”

Prospective homebuyers seeking a custom home have no shortage of options. Depending upon a buyer’s creativity and budget, the range of customization possibilities is endless. However, most customers focus on aesthetic upgrades, ease of use and performance. The most popular buyer requests are special trim details (aesthetics), lifestyle-oriented kitchens and laundry rooms (ease of use) and custom HVAC and water management systems (performance).

Recently, many customers have been requesting dedicated storm rooms to protect their families in the event of severe weather. Given the fact that Tennessee is now considered to be in tornado alley, the Hannah team makes sure to discuss storm room possibilities with every prospective buyer.

For families considering a custom-built home, their first call should be to Hannah Custom Homes.

Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling

100 Commerce Drive, Suite A,

Hendersonville, TN  37075


  • An open, airy design is at the heart of Dusty Hannah's custom home.
  • Beautiful Shou Sugi Ban wood adorns this custom vanity in Dusty Hannah's home.
  • The family room blends clean interior design with a view of the beautiful Cottontown countryside.
  • Shou Sugi Ban wood adorns both interior and exterior living spaces.
  • A large open kitchen and dining area is perfect for hosting dinner parties.
  • Four large bedrooms are spread out across this custom Hannah home.
  • The spacious bathroom is open and inviting.
  • A fully stocked bar trimmed in custom Shou Sugi Ban wood is ready for entertaining.
  • In this custom home, outdoor living spaces are just as important is the interior.
  • A large pool is ready for Hannah's next family getogether.
  • The custom home offers two tiers of exterior living space.
  • This custom Hannah home features over 7,000 sq. ft. of living space.
  • A gorgeous bonus/bunk room is incorporated within Dusty Hannah's custom home.