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Step 1. Gather and prepare supplies.

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The Bee's Knees

Make beeswax candles at home in a few simple steps.

Candles bring light and atmosphere to any space. Heidi Koch, owner of CHLL Home Creations, specializes in the art of hand-poured, 100% Pure USA Beeswax candles. Each of her candles is not only about aromas and charm, but of the purity and quality of every ingredient. Beeswax candles actually clean the air inside your home by emitting negative ions that bind to toxins and removing them from the air. Therefore, not only can you create ambience and a lovely scent wafting through a room, but purify the air inside your home too. Here, Heidi shares her knowledge on how you can harness the benefits of beeswax with a hint of pine needles and an essential oil of your choice.


Time: 10-20 minutes 

Makes five 4 oz. candles.

  • mini ice scraper
  • 4 oz. mason jars
  • hemp wick
  • wick holder
  • pine needles
  • 1 quartz crystal
  • essential oils (scent of you choice)
  • 2 cups of Meyer's beeswax pellets
  • 1-2 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • mini crockpot

Step One:

Begin warming up the crock pot and set up the mason jars with wick and wick holder. While the beeswax pellets melt combined with the coconut oil in the crockpot, place the pine needles and quartz crystal at the bottom of the mason jars.

Step Two:

Once the mason jars are ready and the wax is melted, carefully lift the crockpot with oven mitts and slowly pour into the mason jar, leaving space at the top. Add 50-60 drops of an essential oil. You can use one or do a combo of scents according to your preference. Repeat with each jar.

Step Three:

Leave the candles open to cool and harden for at least half a day to 24 hours before placing a lid on. Once it is fully hardened you may light and enjoy. Remember to never leave a lit candle unattended.

  • Heidi Koch
  • Step 1. Gather and prepare supplies.
  • Step 2. Combine the ingredients.
  • Step 3. Allow to cool for up to 24 hours.

Heidi Koch is a passionate homemaker, mom, wife and crafter based in Arizona. Her journey in crafting took an aromatic turn when she discovered her love for candles. Disheartened by harmful chemical scents in conventional candles she decided to create something pure and natural.