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The Bella Twins

Quickly Becoming Total Divas in a Different Arena

Brie and Nikki Bella are best known for being a powerful duo in the wrestling ring. These sisters are natives of Arcadia and currently reside in the area, bringing their brand and magnetic personalities to venues all over the Valley. The impressive way they have parlayed their notoriety into empowering women is only trumped by their quality and diverse portfolio of products, specifically geared toward their fans.

“We wanted to create a brand beyond the ring that would resonate with the Bella Army, our E! family and make our whole fan base happy. We wanted the products we created to be female-focused and clearly identify with our passion for fitness and comfort,” Brie says.

Birdiebee is a culmination of research and interest in the feminine clothing and undergarment market by the Bella Twins and represents feminine health and women empowerment.

“It is a touchy subject, for young women especially, to discuss undergarments and what is best for each woman. We have learned so much through our process of creating Birdiebee, such as needing different fabrics for sleep, workouts or for on the go. Our goal is to educate other women and create a community that is safe, comfortable and a gentle nod at ‘the birds and the bees,'” Brie says.

Loungewear has been the first endeavor in the line, and athleticwear is soon to follow this spring. The undergarment industry has many obstacles when creating original products, however, the Bella Twins say they will continue to build this business in order to connect women and build a brand with purpose.

“Our goal is to give back to our fans. We have a true passion for what we’re doing, and all of our focus is on being real and honest about the struggles along the way, because in the end it will educate others and encourage women to follow suit and follow their dreams,” Nikki says.

With pop-ups in North Scottsdale and a successful online store, Birdiebee hosted a local fashion show in March to showcase the new spring line as well during Scottsdale Fashion Week.

“We grew up here and thought it would be special to bring our brand to our home and show young girls it is possible to reach your goals,” Brie says.

The Bella Twins agree that their strong sisterly bond has led to good choices, overcoming obstacles and learning as they go, with the help of fellow passionate women.

“We’ve tried to surround ourselves with people who share our vision. Birdiebee has been our business school. Our CEO is amazing, and we take comfort in knowing that she is a professional and our partner,” Nikki says.

In that vein, the Bella Twins have taken on a second entrepreneurial project that was a completely natural fit. Belle Radici —"Beautiful Roots" in Italian—is the Bella Twins' wine label, and for two women who came from a farming family and appreciate Napa Valley and all that it represents, it was a natural next step.

“A winery approached us on a visit and asked to create a wine with us. The Hill Family has roots in branding, and we have an understanding of farming and produce, so it was a wonderful partnership,” Brie says.

The women wanted their wine to be about the full experience and not just a look or taste.

“We had an artist from Paris draw us for the label,” they said. "The brand, now carried at Total Wine, didn’t feel like work to create and has been a pleasure to promote."

“We feel so blessed in this endeavor. When you have a career, you want to really love it, and we do!” Nikki says.

To complete the trifecta of products that seamlessly exemplify the Bella Twins, their new beauty line truly sets women up to feel their best.

Nicole and Brizee launched with the assistance of a partner who wanted to help the women take the next step in their business development.

“She was an amazing mentor and really helped us tap into the beauty world,” Brie says.

Lotions, body wash and eventually simple makeup products are the goals of the Nicole and Brizee Line.

“We want the line to mirror the authentic Bella Twins looks we are known for; in the ring, we are fearless, and that is how our fans perceive us. We want these same women to see our products in their dressing areas at home and have them be the motivator for them. Life isn’t easy, but let’s be there to support each other,” Brie says.

It seems the sky is the limit for this ambitious duo.

“We are breaking barriers and taking our bodyslams to the boardroom!” Nikki jokes.

The serious skills and natural ability to connect with women is what makes these women a testament to girl power and teaching girls to strive for more.

“My favorite part of all of this has been seeing it come to life and seeing people enjoying all we are offering. When I think about being a role model, I think of making someone else feel special through any of our outlets. And in turn, they do the same for us,” Nikki says.

“I think it’s special that Nikki and I are partners in all of this. We keep it real with each other, we step in to help each other out and that helps us continue to grow. We also surround ourselves with amazingly talented people. It makes us harder workers, smarter and better people. Get a dream, and try to achieve it. That’s our motto,” Brie says.

Designed for the woman blazing a path for herself, Birdiebee’s signature sport-street staples help you feel confident and empowered. Fashion and function take the designs effortlessly from day to night. The Bella Twins joined a luxury lineup of swimwear shows during Scottsdale Fashion Week, showcasing spring and summer pieces.