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The Bella Twins

Brie and Nikki Bella Talk Kids, Work, and What They Miss About the Valley

Nikki Bella @thenikkibella and Brie Bella @thebriebella

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Brie and Nikki Bella grew up in Scottsdale, graduating from Chaparral High School. The twins—known for professional wrestling, their appearances on Total Bellas and Total Divas, their YouTube channel and podcast, bestselling authors, and more—have always been close, so it makes sense that when they considered moving to Napa, California, there was one thing that they decided would make them move.

It was in 2020, explains Nikki, when they began thinking about moving. Napa had always been their favorite vacation spot, and the pair were also in the wine industry, “so it made sense.”

One day, says Nikki, “we said, if we go on Zillow right now and there are two houses next door to each other, that’s a sign that we’re going to do it. And sure enough, there were two houses, next door to each other.”

They moved that September and while they love their new locale, Scottsdale still has a part of their hearts.

“The food, the people, and we have family there still,” says Nikki of the Valley. “It’s our childhood home, so the memories.”

“I miss hiking, was always hiking! I miss Camelback Mountain,” Brie says.

“Buck & Rider…” Nikki interjects.

“Yes, Buck & Rider,” Brie agrees. “Grabbing breakfast at The Henry. … Can we please just pick up LGO and put it in Napa Valley? That’s the one thing about Scottsdale I’ve always admired—they always kill it with the restaurant business. [That’s] why Nikki and I are like maybe we should open up our own restaurant in Scottsdale. It’s on the vision boards for 2022-2023!”

So far though, the restaurant business is one of the few things the Bellas aren’t involved with.

One of their ventures—which was one of the reasons they moved—was because they partner with Hill Family Estates to create their own wine labels, called Belle Radici and Bonita. Hill Family Estates owns the vineyards and the winery, but “we harvest, we pick grapes, we’re at the facilities when they get bottled, and we taste and make sure everything is perfect,” Brie explains. “Wine is our passion and it’s so amazing to do what you love.”

Last May, they also launched a wine club.

This month they have a product launch for another of their ventures—their newest collection, the Park Line, for Colugo, a company that offers products for parents.

Both Brie and Nikki are parents—Brie has daughter Birdie and son Buddy with husband Bryan Danielson, and Nikki has son Matteo with husband Artem. Buddy and Matteo were born just 22 hours apart in 2020.

“We’ll be offering a few new items beyond our strollers and our baby carriers, we’re going to add in a collection of items you’d bring to a park, such as a play mat, and also a backpack,” Nikki explains.

“Everyone loved our tote bags,” says Brie, “so we’re having new tote bags coming out, and backpacks that are dad-friendly because not all dads want to carry a tote.”

Many of the items are made-to-order, and the company prides itself on its sustainability.

“The stroller is designed by Nikki, and we wanted to make it the perfect hustle and bustle stroller. Our tote bags match our strollers and then go under it perfectly, which we thought was perfect,” Brie shares.

“The one thing is that Nikki and I are very hands-on,” she continues. “We look at our everyday life and are like, ‘how can we make parenting easier?’ So that’s what we’re very mindful about when we’re working with the designers and coming up with our products.”

In addition to all of that, the Bellas also have a podcast, called The Bellas Podcast, which airs on SiriusXM Stitcher and drops every Wednesday. 

“It’s another platform where we really get to connect to our Bella army,” Nikki says. “And on top of that, I’ve just really enjoyed meeting all these different people and really having a conversation with them, because that’s what podcasts do—people know they’re going to come on for 30 minutes or an hour, and you’re just going to get to talk. There have been some really great people that, without our podcast, we never would have connected with.”

Sometimes they’ll also on bring their husbands or their brother.

“We’ve made it kind of like an extension of our reality show, but in the form of just hearing it in your car. It’s been really fun.”

Brie and Nikki also still do YouTube with the WWE.

And, the pair have some new projects coming up this summer. Though they say they can’t share exactly what they are yet, they say that they are really excited for them.

“Whatever we set our minds to, we really just go all in,” Nikki says about their ventures.

The sisters agree that juggling everything they do is a lot, and share that what makes it all possible is that they’re in it together and can lean on each other for help. They split up tasks, make schedules, and have realized that it’s okay to say no to projects that they aren’t passionate about, or which aren’t authentic and organic to their lifestyles.

“You have to do what’s organic and authentic to you, and what truly sets your soul on fire,” Brie says. “When you can find one—or 10—things you’re passionate about, everything just happens to fall into place. The majority of the time, it’s not even about the money you make because it brings you happiness… and when you have happiness, that is priceless.”