The Gift of a Lifetime

Chris Dunphy - Farmers Insurance

Chris Dunphy has the gift of a lifetime for you to give to your dearest loved ones. Is it a trip around the world? Could it be jewelry made of gold and diamonds?  How about a shopping spree or the car of their dreams?  Nope.  The gift of a lifetime is life insurance.  That’s right, life insurance!  Before you judge, and flip to something more “glamorous”, answer this one question: If you were no longer here could your family continue to pay the mortgage?  Could they pay for college?  How about those everyday expenses we all take for granted?  If your answer is “no”, or even “I’m not sure”, then life insurance is indeed the gift you need to give your family!

Chris has spent his entire career in customer service, a fact which is evident by the way he treats each and every person who enters his office.  When he decided to leave the restaurant/catering and nightclub business after 30 years, Chris knew that he wasn’t done serving the people of his community.  There seemed to be no better way to help people than by ensuring that they are properly protected in the event of the worst case scenario.  His years of customer service experience transitioned him seamlessly into the world of insurance.

What exactly is life insurance?  Life insurance is your way to ensure that your family will be protected from losing everything you have worked so hard for if you are no longer there to protect them yourself.  In fact, everyone should have a life insurance policy from the age of 2 weeks old!  Life insurance only gets more expensive as you get older and you can become uninsurable, so this is one gift you don’t want to put off getting.  This incredible and life changing gift is even reasonably priced.  According to Chris, a healthy 30 year old male could get a half a million dollar policy for as low as $25 a month!  

Contact Chris Dunphy today to purchase the best gift you can give your family.  He is available Monday through Saturday for appointments or phone calls at 720-598-1048.  He is even willing to meet with families on Sundays so that spouses and significant others can meet together.  Call Chris today!

Chris Dunphy

Farmers Insurance


Chris has a strong sense of community and loves to serve his neighbors in as many ways as possible. Santa Chris comes visit every year!  This is the insurance agent you want in your corner!

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