The Bickerstaff Group: Caring for the Community, One Home at a Time

Buying or selling a home in the current market can be a wild ride, but thankfully there are teams like The Bickerstaff Group that bring experience and expertise to make it easy. Jennifer Bickerstaff has been in the real estate game for 25 years and formed The Bickerstaff Group in January of 2020. Six months later, she moved her team to Compass Real Estate, establishing an office in downtown Franklin. Before diving into the world of real estate, Jennifer worked as a nurse, tending to the needs of others and she continues to bring that caring spirit into her role as a real estate agent.

When you work with The Bickerstaff Group—comprised of Broker Jennifer, Affiliate Brokers Cliff O’Sullivan, Scott Hudson and Leslie Riley, and Administrative Assistant Ashleigh Franks— you’re working with the whole team and many years of combined experience. While a client may be communicating with a specific agent, behind the scenes the team is working together, constantly supporting each other, and brainstorming innovative ideas. 98% of their business is either repeat customers or word of mouth referrals

From years of living in the area and having their office in downtown Franklin, the team knows what makes Franklin special. “Just the sense of community, the people…I love walking into the bank and bankers know you…” Jennifer explains. “The stores on Main Street, they know who you are, the restaurants here know who you are. It just feels like small town America, even though Williamson County is the hottest place going right now.”

In the current market, Jennifer advises sellers not to jump too quickly at the first offer. “Before the old saying was ‘Your first offer’s your best.’ Not always true in this market anymore,” says Jennifer. “Keep your word for how long you’re going to take offers for. It’s smart to wait and not take the first offer because most times [sellers] will get higher than the first offer.”

As a Compass team, The Bickerstaff Group is excited to offer the Compass Concierge service to sellers who may need to update their home before selling, but don’t have the financing or just don’t want to deal with the hassle. Their team has done the research to know that updating essential rooms, improving landscaping, or even something as simple as painting or staging can help a home sell faster and for a higher price. Through this service, Compass will loan a seller money to make necessary updates and the best part is its interest free for 12 months, with the cost coming out at closing.

The Bickerstaff Group is unique in that they have a team member with a design background to use her expert eye to help choose the most highly desired styles and features. They’ll even oversee the process to the point of scheduling the contractors to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for the seller.

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