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Owner Tony Monaco

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The Blind Pig & Kitchen

Innovative Local Eatery

Step into the innovative local eatery The Blind Pig + Kitchen and experience a dining delight for the senses.

From colorful dishes bursting with flavor to the sizzling sounds of live music drifting through the air, The Blind Pig invites guests to immerse themselves in the festive ambiance.

Owner Tony Monaco is proud to be at the helm of his lively Yorba Linda locale, which boasts a second location in Rancho Santa Margarita, tantalizing visitors’ taste buds with chef-driven, “new American” gourmet dishes.  

Head to the kitchen and you’ll find Executive Chef Karl Pfleider serving up fresh food comprised of signature dishes and seasonal specials. A glance at the diverse menu provides a peek into Chef Karl’s multicultural influences.

Years of invaluable “hands-on” experience in kitchens across Orange County have sharpened Chef Karl’s skills in lieu of formal training.

In addition to leading the culinary programs at both TBP locations, he also manages the restaurants’ sister outpost in Rancho Santa Margarita—The Trough Sandwich Kitchen—where the coveted chef creates high-quality, gourmet breakfast and lunch options for eager patrons.

Current weekly specials at The Blind Pig include “Tiki Taco Tuesdays,” where guests are encouraged to get decked out in their best tropical threads to nosh on an assortment of tasty tacos, and “Wine, Whiskey, and Prime Rib Wednesdays,” featuring a mouth-watering selection of prime rib, creamy horseradish, mashed potatoes, and au jus whipped up just for the occasion.

One fan favorite is the Chicken Karaage. This dish reimagines a classic Japanese version, which is known for layering creamy and crunchy textures with spicy and zesty flavors.

The Blind Pig’s take on Chicken Karaage includes deep-frying a marinated chicken thigh until it is cooked and crispy. It’s then served with fresh shishito peppers, charred lemon, and wasabi aioli, and pairs perfectly with a side of kimchi fried rice.

Cocktail connoisseurs can unwind while sipping on an award-winning Texas Rose from the “High Rollers” cocktail menu while listening to live music several nights a week.

The standout cocktail’s creator, Josh Davey, hails from the Rancho Santa Margarita location and was recently crowned “Bartender of the Year” by the 2021 Bourbon Brawl for his Texas Rose recipe.

This lovely libation puts a new spin on a traditional whiskey sour, featuring Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, fresh lemon juice, blackberry lemon cordial, and several dashes of Miracle Mile Bergamot Bitters.

The special seasonal drink is served in a coupe, garnished with a sage leaf, and available at both locations.

Just as you’ll find only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in Chef Karl’s kitchen, the same can be said for behind the bar.

“The Blind Pig’s bar program is focused on specialty craft cocktails alongside a curated selection of local beers on draft that rotates regularly. All syrups are made in-house, and The Blind Pig bartenders work alongside the kitchen to create new seasonal cocktails to pair expertly with the cuisine,” says Tony.

Teamwork most certainly makes the dream work at The Blind Pig, a vision Tony recalls first

conceptualizing years ago.

“I’ve always known I wanted to open and run my own business one day, but it wasn’t until later in life that I decided owning a restaurant would be my next business venture. The Blind Pig Kitchen + Bar was conceived eight years ago on a couple of beers and a dream!” he says.

“I decided that I wanted to create a restaurant featuring a menu of American progressive cuisine paired with an eclectic selection of wines, a rotating craft beer list, and some of the best cocktails in Orange County, created using only the best products and freshest ingredients. It made sense to open the first location in my hometown of Rancho Santa Margarita, but when the opportunity presented itself to expand, we chose the city of Yorba Linda, and opened our second location in the fall of 2019.”

To stay on the cutting edge of the industry, Tony regularly researches the latest trends and happenings around the community, noting, “I greatly enjoy dining at different restaurants around Orange County, as well as when I travel. It’s inspiring to see how other businesses in the industry handle the challenges or push the envelope for innovation. While I conceived The Blind Pig to be unique in many ways, I definitely draw inspiration from movers and shakers in the industry—and I think that’s what makes the industry as creatively rich as it is.”

The Blind Pig has since been featured in an array of local publications, touted as an ideal dining destination for food lovers in coastal communities.

If you’re looking to spice up your usual restaurant routine, slip onto the scene at The Blind Pig Kitchen + Bar. Indulge your appetite with a fresh take on fabulous fare, delectable drinks, and unmistakably vibrant energy that’s anything but ordinary.

  • Owner Tony Monaco
  • Chef Karl