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BenchMark Physical Therapy

One of the best gifts of wellness is pain-free and fully mobile movement. BenchMark Physical Therapy (PT) can help get that for you, even if it seems too elusive. PT is something people usually don’t seek out because it is associated with surgery or an underwhelming previous experience. BenchMark will change all that. It's a mechanic for your body. And with the correct mechanic, there are no maintenance visits once you are released from care.

Andy Denefe, Clinic Director for BenchMark located in Cool Springs, and his staff can handle anything a patient brings to them. The goal is not only to take away your pain but to address and remove the root cause - figure out the “why” and fix it. During the first 1-2 weeks, pain reduction is the focus and the remainder of the six to eight weeks spent with your PT is truly to fix the issues.

Andy and his group believe in educating the patient so they are in full control when released from care. A good PT, like those at BenchMark, will have a patient understanding why and what their PT is advising to help them. An injury or nagging pain is like peeling back layers of an onion with the end goal being to
stop and fix the problem causing the pain. Words Andy encourages patients with is that PT works because they “have many tools in the toolbox to help and are not limited” like some other methods of recovery, adding that they have “ton of tools at our disposal.” 

A former collegiate swimmer, Andy understands the need for a body to function at its full potential and wants to help fix inherent weaknesses and ensure full range of joint motion, muscle stability and motion control. With an array of mobilization techniques, exercises, dry needling, taping and great technology like the Alter G – an antigravity treadmill - BenchMark and Andy can handle anything you bring to them. They’ve seen everything – including treating people for headaches - and enjoy working with their wide range of patients from middle schoolers to the most mature of adults.

With commercial insurance there is no need for a doctor referral. If an ache, pain, impeded movement or lack of mobility has been nagging you for more than two weeks, schedule some time with BenchMark PT. Benchmark.urpt.com/locations/franklin-cool-springs

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