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The Bold and the Beautiful

Expertly incorporate bright prints and brilliant colors into your home’s interior

Boldly go where few have gone before. In an interior design world awash with neutrals, fortune favors the brave who incorporate colors, prints and patterns into their homes.

Whitney Miller, lead designer at Prim Design Co. and on Instagram @WhitneyMillerStyled, knows exactly how to expertly match bright colors and prints to create inspiring and fun interiors in homes. The interior designer and stylist has done just that in her own home.

“Most people who step into my home or see me on Instagram tell me ‘Oh, you’ve mixed so many colors and prints; I didn’t know you could do that,’” says Miller.

Miller shares a lot of the trends in interior design today favor a neutral palate. “Neutrals are safe and that’s what people are seeing, but I encourage my clients to start by choosing one central color.” And what color does she suggest?

“The best gateway color is green,” she explains. “It blends well with neutrals and is a good building block.”

She also loves to feature animal print. “It’s a signature of mine. Many people think animal print will look tacky or cheap; but when done right, it gives such an elegant and sophisticated look. It can be a defining part of your home.”

Another way to use color or pattern is simple – just go for it. “I say, pick something and live with it for a month. If you hate it, change it. Nothing is permanent and almost everything is returnable.”

Miller shares four more ways to ease into becoming a color convert.


Miller knows that interior design can be overwhelming to many and suggests starting small. “Pick a small room or area in your home that will give you a big impact. My favorite small spaces to start with are a powder bathroom, a laundry room or breakfast nook,” Miller shares. “This is a great place to incorporate a fun wallpaper or paint color that you might otherwise not feel comfortable covering your whole home with. Adding wallpaper to a set of bay windows defined a space that otherwise just blended into the kitchen.”


“Accent chairs and rugs can add so much fun and depth to your home,” shares Miller.
“While you might not be able to commit to a color or pattern on a large purchase such as your main sofa, a colored rug or accent chair bring warmth and just the right amount of color at a much friendlier price point. I always tell my clients their home should be a true reflection of the people who live there. This is a great opportunity to display a favorite color or textile. Personally, I’ve never met an animal print I didn’t love. So, when I saw these leopard print chairs, I knew I needed them!”


“There is nothing I love more than staying at an upscale hotel with their crisp, stark white bedding. Hello, luxury!” Miller says. “I always encourage clients to carry that feeling over into their homes. Start with a white base to your bedding; it’s elegant, fresh and clean looking. To make it your own, you can layer in colored accent pillows and a quilt or duvet. This gives your bedding a fun pop that can easily be switched out seasonally or year to year as your mood or taste changes.”


Adding art to your walls is an easy way to bring in a splash of color. “Just like bedding, you can’t ever go wrong with a good white on your walls,” she says. “White gives you so many options to accent with fun, interesting wall art. You can let your personality shine through your selections. All my friends know that I am a zodiac junky. I was so happy why when I found these beautiful prints that showcase my family’s different zodiac signs.”

  • Whitney Miller