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The Bottle Shop Gets Your Cocktail Party Rolling

To say that the Bottle Shop in Cool Springs has everything you need to get your party rolling is an understatement. This highly spirited store offers personalized customer service and expert recommendations in everything from Beaujolais to beer to bourbon. Cases of wine sell by discount daily, 15 taps stand at the ready to fill your growler, and a Tasting Bar offers free samples. There are even bar carts to lift your chosen spirits onto a higher plane in their happy new home—yours. The HomArt Gibson Bar Cart is just one of the choices the Bottle Shop has available.  

  • HomArt Gibson bar cart, antique brass with white wood
    • Wood shelves provide ample space for barware while the simple yet elegant iron oval frame gleams with an antique brass finish. 
  • Turkish-T Star towel 
  • Love and Victory hand-etched glasses  
  • Hand-engraved 10-ounce lowball glasses
    •  A daily reminder of where you come from whether you're drinking whiskey or water
  • Viski Belmont cocktail shaker
  • Stainless steel gold-plated stemless wine glasses
    • Comes with a special brush to clean the copper straws
  •  Izola 4-in-1 bar tool
    • Sleek design meets functionality in this handy 4-in-1 bar tool. It’s a corkscrew, bottle opener, jigger and ice crusher.  
  •  LSA pitcher/decanter
    • Mouth-blown glass for distinctive, high-quality containers of perfect proportions and elegant looks for your next cocktail party
  • Whiskey stones/glacier rocks 
    • Keep your favorite beverage chill without altering the taste.