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The Bustling Mom Gift Guide

Unique Gifts That Promise A Restorative Pause

Deep within the throes of motherhood, swimming in the precious clutter of endless laundry and half-eaten snacks, lives a woman needing a serious break! As rare as these breaks can be, they’re equally as restorative. This Mother’s Day, on the heels of two not-so-fun years, moms are seeking a unique approach to self-care. And, while macaroni necklaces and breakfast in bed are certainly timeless gestures, now is the ideal time to support her well-being with a gentle nudge towards restoration. Piney Rose Flowers and Decor, Artisanat Home Décor, and Main Street Mercantile offer gift options for every type of mom.

Supplying fresh flowers and more, Piney Rose delivers luscious arrangements to the mom who takes pleasure in natural beauty, while hosting a storefront adorned with a surprising array of exquisite stationaries, decorative items, and the like.  A dynamic feature of Piney Rose is the monthly subscription (The Posey Club) that provides a scheduled delivery of custom bouquets – a perfect option for a gift that keeps giving.  Artisanat Home Décor features a collection of pieces from hand-picked, small-scale artists. Items offered include things like gardening supplies, wall accents, kitchen accessories, and DIY kits.  Walking through Artisanat sparks creative inspiration, and for those moms who take pleasure in meticulous and surprising detail, Artisanat promises to please.  Main Street Mercantile in Conroe touts an eclectic assortment of small-batch goods that lean into a more extroverted niche. Just right for the trendy fashionista mom, Main Street displays a variety of goods ranging from clothing, to health and beauty, to pet care. A visit to Main Street Mercantile is energizing and uplifting, an experience all its own. 

Here, we've curated a list of our favorite gifts that Mom is sure to love and that encourage restoration and self-care.

Piney Rose Flower and Décor - Dried and Preserved Forever Floral Arrangement - Custom Designer’s Floral Arrangement -The Woodlands Cap -

Artisanat Home and Décor - Fawn and Flora Candle - Artisan Mezcal Serving Plates - Large, White Siena Serving Bowl - Resin Board and Coaster Set - 100% Cotton Mom, I’m Sorry Tea Towel - Silver Candle Care Kit - Parota Wooden Accent Vase -

Main Street Mercantile - Marble Glass Vase Diffuser - Woolzies Self Care Essential Oils - Dough Bowl Candle with Decorative Beads - Embroidered, Adjustable Aztec Bag Strap - Natural Wood and Marble Cutting Board - Mama Necklace - Blue Hydrangea Apron - Gray Bianca Shoulder Strap Tote -

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