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The Café Crawl

My journey around town supporting our community through coffee

The coffee culture continues to explode around us and our community is no exception. A few weeks ago I found myself in a conversation with a dear friend living in another part of the country telling me about her recent Café Crawl with her friends. Having absolutely no idea what she was talking about, I discovered a Café Crawl is like a Bar Crawl, but with caffeine instead of alcohol. I became intrigued with the idea of going on my own Café Crawl around town and asked her to spill the “beans” on their day.

Having lived in this beautiful town for all these years I couldn’t help but think that you can look in any direction and find a Café just calling your name to come into. The love of the coffee shop runs deep. It’s a place you can find inspiration, chat with old friends and meet new ones. Who can forget one of the most iconic coffee shop scenes when Rachel and Ross kissed for the first time at the Central Perk in a cliff hanging episode of Friends.

Coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world, and possibly the first here in our sweet town I knew the next thing to do was plan my excursion. I couldn’t possibly crawl to every spot in town, the first time around.  So I picked  just five shops for my first time. I then rang a friend to join me and we were off on our adventure the very next day.

The places we ventured were all amazing. Each place had its own vibe and culture. We drank great drinks, ate great food and laughed out loud so many times throughout our coffee hopping day. We made a pack that we have several more crawls to do in the future. Our town has opened up a new way for me and my fellow friend to explore. I seriously loved it, and you will too!  Plan a Café Crawl, you’ll be happy you did!

Our Crawl Picks

Castle Rock Collective

Their coffee is freshly roasted and shipped from Antigua, Guatemala. Every cup of coffee you enjoy helps to make a difference by empowering people both locally and globally. The Café is run by our local Wellsprings Community Stars. This adults with disabilities welcome you and help you also pick the most delicious baked goods. My friend and I also did a little shopping at I got the most adorable bag which is run by the World Orphan Market.

Lost Coffee

This gem has all the feels. The staff is amazing and they made me and my friend the most amazing Lattes I think I’ve ever had in my life. I also have to plug their next door neighbors The Cake Company. I wasn’t even hungry but yes the cinnamon roll disappeared. I even took some home for later. This is also a great spot to stop and then go shopping, or even ice skating across the street during the winter months. It was fun hearing the train go by. This place was buzzing with a crowd of local business people and you could see many a deal is made at this café day in and out.

Oo-de-Lally Coffee

This café had us crawling over to Plum Creek by the fire station. Someone recommended it when we discussed what we were doing to some other coffee lovers and I said it was already on my list!  We sure are glad we did. They had just started their new St. Patrick’s Day menu and it was hard to decide. I ordered the Lucky Charm and she ordered the Nutty Irishman.

Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crowbar

If you could call a café a local watering hole, this is it. They have been in town for 23 years and are still a local favorite. I had a classic cappuccino and ponied right up to their bar, where they also serve one of the best homemade Bloody Mary’s in town. The day we were in there they had a chowder that was out of this world. This place is feels like living in a small town. The staff was greeting people by name, knew their orders, talked about the weather and made you feel like you were drinking a cup of joe at their kitchen table.

Black Rock Coffee Bar

Walking in here just instantly made us feel cool.  It was like we got invited to the best party happening after a Friday Night Lights game. Music playing in the background and the fireplace glowing and warming the room, you could hang out here all day.  It was packed with people that appeared already enjoying their favorite drinks in hand. The drive through was busy and the staff was happy. I went with my favorite an Americao black and my friend got one of their signature Fuel drinks. The drinks were spot on and my friend said how easy it would be to come back and just grab something through the drive through and be on her way. The location was a plus for her and close to her children’s school.

  • Castle Rock Collective
  • Castle Rock Collective
  • Lost Coffee
  • Oo-de-Lally Coffee
  • Oo-de-Lally Coffee
  • Lost Coffee
  • Black Rock Coffee Bar