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I am always looking for the chicest must haves for Ollie (well maybe some are for me) my two-year-old bernedoodle, he is full of personality and sass which makes shopping for him all the more fun. Ollie might be the most toy obsessed dog I’ve ever met, seriously. So when I was creating my edit of the chicest pet gear I knew exactly what I wanted to feature. Everything I talk about I either currently use with Ollie or did when he was a puppy. I've tried everything on the market so I can share only the BEST with you and your furry friend! Follow Ollie and I on all our adventures at @zac.mathias on Instagram.

CBD Dog Treats 

Ollie suffers from anxiety like many dogs and something we have found extremely helpful in calming him is a little CBD. We use Franny’s Farmacy because it's the highest quality seed to shelf.

Hemp Peanut Butter 

Every morning Ollie gets his meds in Franny’s Framacy hem peanut butter, bonus the hemp helps with his anxiety for the day.

TDE. Dog Collar, comes in multiple colors and sizes 

Every dog needs a chic monogrammed collar and this one by The Daily Edited is my personal favorite because you can spell your dog's whole name. Because it's leather it's super easy to clean and keep looking new!

Toy Kit, comes in multiple colors 

Wild One toys are great, dogs love playing with them, and they look chic in your house. I love the Wild One because you can pick one color and get everything for your pup in that color, it's a type A person's dream come true!

Wildone Treats 

These treats are great because they are made with clean ingredients and in small batches. The subscribe and save option assures you will always be stocked up! The treat bundle allows for your dog to try all three flavors.

Lucite Dog Crate, comes in multiple sizes 

Crate training is very important for puppies, but why should you have to sacrifice in the decor department? This lucite one is sure to be a conversation starter at your next get together!

The Game, comes in 4 colors 

“The Game” by Fable is a way to exercise and feed your dog at the same time while keeping them entertained. Great for older dogs needing motivation or younger dogs with endless energy.

Yellow Raincoat, multiple sizes - 

None of us like the rain and neither do our furry friends. Yellow raincoats are classic, and this one by Max Bone is great quality. Bonus you can monogram it!

Lavender Dog Toy 

I have been loving lavender this summer and while some say interiors and clothing trends coincide, I'd like to add dog toys to that! This rubber toy by Max Bone is a must have!

Gingham Mat, comes in multiple colors 

A cute mat under the food bowl makes cleaning up easy and your dog will feel very fancy! Ollie got this one for summer and we are loving it. Honestly anything with a monogram, I can’t pass up.

Dog Sweater 

While Ollie no longer fits into sweaters, as a puppy, he had every sweater from Mark and Graham monogrammed. The quality is great and if your pup out grows them, they make a great hand me down gift!

Gingham Bandana 

Gingham is all the rage this season in fashion, why should the dogs miss out? Ollie the most stylish dog at the park in this monogrammed easy tie bandana.