The Coalmont

A Place for Our Family and Yours

Two Nashville natives have created a sanctuary for families through the renovation of a small fishing cabin in the South Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee. Ryan and Genette Dugger, owners of Creative Revolver (an architectural, commercial, and real estate photography company), moved to Chattanooga in 2014.

Prior to renovating The Coalmont, the couple owned other AirBnb properties, but had a desire to create a place where they could have a retreat for quality time with their family. This search led them to the two and a half acres of wooded waterfront property in January of 2020.

The listing for the home included a map with no real photos of the property. Despite this, Ryan felt compelled to check it out. Upon arrival, Ryan and Genette instantly felt at peace. As they explored the property, they discovered a fishing cabin that was in need of major renovations to bring their vision to life. The couple who had discussed building a tiny home, saw great the potential in the cabin.

It was then that Ryan and Genette along with their two boys set out on a new adventure. Utilizing their love for interior design, the Duggers got to work to create the retreat of their dreams. The family spent much of their time during the pandemic camping out at the cabin, working on renovations, and finding respite in the South Cumberland. 

When Ryan and Genette first began work on the cabin, their boys were often bored and did not know what to do away from the typical distractions of every day life. Very quickly, however, the boys began to explore and enjoy time outdoors, in the water, doing scavenger hunts, picking blackberries, and kayaking.

Already blessed by the respite The Coalmont provided for their family, the Duggers wanted this cabin to be more than a business. When The Coalmont opened, Ryan and Genette sponsored an Instagram giveaway where individuals could nominate couples or families in need of a getaway. Winners received a free two-night stay at the cabin. Even now, after the cabin has been open for a while, The Duggers revisit the nominations from time to time and gift other nominees with a free trip.

Their desire for guests is to experience time of restoration and healing with limited access to technology. The remoteness of the cabin forces visitors to disconnect. Ryan and Genette wanted to provide a place where individuals and families can focus on what is most important. It is not always easy to disconnect, but The Coalmont comes with amenities geared towards unplugging.

Impeccably designed, the cabin itself is 460 square feet and sleeps two to four people. It also boasts a fully furnished kitchen, full bath, and two decks. For chilly evenings, there is a wood stove in the cabin, a fire pit on the deck, and an outdoor fireplace for grilling. Fishing, paddle boating, and kayaking are also options. To slow things down, there is a seven-person saltwater hydrotherapy hot tub. Guests can also zip line, play horseshoes, corn hole, soccer, puzzles, or boardgames.

Although the goal when staying in the cabin is to unplug, Ryan and Genette understand that technology
is still a necessity at times. An internet hot spot is available, if needed, for family movie nights or to get a little bit of work done. Guests should bring their own laptop or viewing device as there is no TV on site.

Through The Coalmont, the Duggers have created a place where families can focus on each other and take a break from busy schedules and the challenges of everyday life. To learn more about The Coalmont or to book a your stay, visit:

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