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An overview of the kitchen shows the crisp color scheme.

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The Collins’ Kitchen: Contemporary, Classic, & Cindy Meador

Clyde and Krista Collins were in the process of building their dream home complete with a vision.   

When Clyde and Krista Collins set out to build their new Ono Island dream home, they knew who they had to work with to make their dream kitchen come true. Cindy Meador of Cindy Meador Interiors, located off of Canal Road in Orange Beach, says she was involved from the very start. 

“Clyde and Krista reached out to me as soon as they drew the plans. I knew everything in the kitchen since it was open not only had to flow well but work together and be cohesive. It was a very straightforward process that took two years to complete, but it is beautiful.” 

As far as the design aspect, the Collins’ say they were inspired by other houses they had seen online and by houses located in Alys Beach in Florida.

“We had never seen anything like what we wanted down here. We had this thought of a clean, crisp, and open kitchen that was perfect for entertaining. We loved the black and white contemporary look, and Cindy helped us achieve that vision.” 

As soon as the trio configured the plans, Meador got to work. 

“We wanted a dramatic kitchen countertop, and Cindy drove all the way down to Florida for us after being sent a sample or two. She wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit for us.” 

Luckily, it was more than the perfect fit; it became a favorite part of the kitchen for everyone involved.

“While the entire kitchen is my favorite,” says Meador, “there is something about the dramatic countertop that draws you in.” 

“The countertops exceeded our expectations,” says the pair. “We love it and we love having everyone else say they love it too.” 

  • The dramatic island countertops are eye-catching.
  • An overview of the kitchen shows the crisp color scheme.