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The Electric Truck with a Powerful Punch

Ford F150 Lightning is sure to impress while you are out exploring

Ford is known for their pick-up trucks. They are built for heavy-duty and are notably reliable for towing and packing a punch. And that hasn’t changed with the new F-150 Lightning truck, even though it is completely electric. It is capable of any required heavy lifting and can deliver the same quality of power that gas-run Ford trucks contain. 

To help you explore the roads, Gaudin Ford's F-150 Lightning truck can tow up to 10,000 pounds while maintaining a smooth and easy-to-drive feel. To help ease the experience of traveling, the smart technology system will guide the driver to wherever they need to go while providing a reference for charge points along the route if a quick energy boost is needed.  

With constant access to data from other trucks that have driven or towed along the same route, the F-150 Lightning can compare the energy use, speed, temperature, climate, and other road factors that could affect the route in travel. Adapting to changing environments will help the truck apply more energy or strength, ultimately providing a more efficient experience. The more the truck and the smart system are used, the more it becomes accurate and accustomed to the individual. 

New to the industry, the “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist” is a feature the F-150 Lightning truck can utilize. This allows for automatic control steering, throttle, and brake inputs making hitching trailers easier for the driver. 

Those who are looking for an exploration vehicle can check out the F-150 Lightning truck at Gaudin Ford and see how it defies all stereotypes that electric vehicles can’t run as well as gas-powered vehicles. Its efficiency and advanced technologies are constantly growing and adjusting to the outside conditions, and its strength and dynamic systems will assure the driver that this truck will be a reliable asset to anyone on the road.