The Elevate Bathtub Revolutionizes the Industry

President of Elevate Bathtubs Jay Benscoter started in Scottsdale out of his home with a designer plumbing fixture company in 1987. "We were out to fix all the problems with a walk-in," he explains.

The Elevate Bathtub is the culmination of a resourceful partnership and five years of research and development. It is the safest, most technologically advanced way to bathe thanks to the revolutionary design that has 17 patents.

Behind the advanced design are features that accommodate and provide a more comfortable and self indulging experience. 


The Elevate Bathtub will drain in approximately 10 seconds, eliminating a wait in cold water. There is a reservoir basin underneath the bathtub to allow for quick drainage, coupled with a removable filter for easy maintenance. Also notable; the Elevate Bathtub will automatically drain in the event of a power failure.

Door panel

The bathtub sits at chair level with an anti-gravity door panel, allowing an individual to simply sit down and slide in. The door panel has one of the strongest leak-free seals in the industry. In fact, the seal on the Elevate Bathtub is the same one used in the Navy F/A 18 Hornet to seal the canopy. 

Air Jets

Over twenty air jets line the side and the bottom of the Elevate Bathtub, ensuring you receive the best massage possible. Air jets help release toxins, improve circulation, and they provide a 30% cleaner experience than showers. The Elevate Bathtub has three different pressure levels and wave pool options.

Chroma light therapy

This has been proven to reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease muscle tension, relief of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and increase range of motion. Pick your favorite color or let the bathtub cycle through the ten color choices while you revitalize your sense of well-being.

"I started working with Alex from Neptune tubs in Canada to figure out the best way to fix the problems of a walk in...the list of issues was lengthy. I still remember the day though, that Alex called and said, 'I have something to show you,' five years in R & D and Elevate was born!"

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