The Evolution of Tools

 A construction site or a home shop used to consist of a tangle of power cords that would drive any OSHA inspector mad and require some sort of acrobatic skill to successfully navigate. Circuit breakers would be overloaded and tripping at regular intervals with entry level soon to be professionals scrambling to keep the operation running as they tried to balance the power load by swapping out one cord from outlet to outlet to see what the right mix was.


 Those days have changed with the evolution of power tools in what Robert Williams, the Power Tools Manager at our local Kenyon Noble describes as, "the limitations of battery technology from ten years ago being smashed by new technologies…just think what will be available in another ten years." As batteries become more powerful and efficient, they are taking over this industry. Williams states that "The current evolution of power tools is heading in a direction where everyone from the homeowner doing DIY projects to the Industrial Contractor with the highest power demand will be able to have a battery powered tool to fit their application.”


 Scott Morgan, the Power Tools Department Head at Kenyon Noble adds, "Most handheld tools (drills, grinders, etc.) and many larger tools (miter saws, table saws, etc.) are moving toward battery power. Batteries have vastly improved in the last decade and now have the power to rival plug in tools and the capacity to last an entire workday with many tools. Freeing yourself from dragging a cord or air hose around enables the operator to save significant time around a job site, improves safety, and opens the opportunity for the tool to go far off grid without supporting equipment such as a generator. Most of the tools we now sell to DIYers, and professional contractors alike are battery powered. The tools we sell endure the rigors of Montana construction sites daily. They are used and abused in the cold winters and hot sunshine with batteries undergoing thousands of discharge-recharge cycles. We only sell tools that perform up to the standards of the most demanding contractors and as a result, they will last the average weekend warrior for many years."


  Kenyon Noble has a long history of embracing the constant changes in the Gallatin Valley. Bridger Nelson, Director of Marketing is proud of Kenyon Noble’s local engagement. “Kenyon Noble is deeply invested in all our local communities. We are true to our roots as Kenyon Noble is a local family owned & operated business that has been doing business in Bozeman since 1889. Much of our storied history is deeply rooted in the Gallatin Valley. Kenyon Noble supports many local non-profits, supports numerous local causes, as well as all local youth & veteran programs each year. But one of our favorite & top priority objectives is supporting our youth and education.”


 If you are interested in learning more about the right tool for the job, you can find it at Kenyon Noble. Kenyon Noble also holds annual live demonstration events that are hands-on and offer special pricing. The events are for every skill level and are a fun way to introduce new customers to power tools. They are a locally owned family business that hosts BBQ championship cookoffs, junior carpenter programs, and a variety of other community events designed to bring the family together and enjoy a shared experience. Their dedication to being engaged in the local Bozeman community and bringing value in every interaction is a testimony to their dedication to see generation after generation come to enjoy their Montana hospitality.

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