The Exceptional Care at King Street Rehab

King Street Rehab is a family-owned and operated rehabilitation and long-term care facility located in Westchester County, NY which has been serving patients for three generations under the leadership of the Wilner family. This luxury care center specializes in helping its patients to regain empowered, independent living through a broad array of services, all delivered in a welcoming, reparative environment. 

Located on 12 beautiful acres in Rye Brooke, NY, right on the border of Greenwich, CT, the primary focus of King Street Rehab is to provide world-class treatment and accommodations to its patients. This is executed beautifully through King Street's state-of-the-art facility which offers both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care to patients primarily through physical and occupational therapy, wound care, IV Therapy and cardiac care, among numerous other services—all provided seven days a week.

"People typically come to us for help after a hip fracture, knee replacement surgery, a stroke, or other similar condition," Jennifer said. "We're here to give patients the best care possible in the best setting, so they can recover quickly and go home. We want to make a difference. The opportunity to give our residents exceptional care in an immaculate surrounding is rare and we are proud to do it."

The center also specializes in caring for patients experiencing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

"When our patients arrive they're recovering from any number of things, but when they leave they are so vibrant," Lindsey remarked. "We have wonderful programs to support our residents mentally and emotionally, as well as through our strength, nutrition, and community activities."

The care at King Street is hyper-individualized for each resident depending on their needs and level of care with additional offerings like gardening, yoga, music therapy, provided in addition to more traditional therapeutic options.

"Our goal is to return each individual back to their home healthier and stronger than they were before," adds Lindsey. Our mission is broader than skilled nursing or physical therapy. We provide whole body wellness to our patients in a beautiful and nourishing environment.

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