The Exercise Coach

Sheryl Peterson is an Amazing Example of Persistence and Courage

When Sheryl Peterson moved from Virginia to St. Charles County to care for her aging mother, watching her slowly decline in muscle strength and overall health, she vowed she would get stronger herself and not let obesity and low energy affect her life the same way. So, she started working out at a local gym, then took a job there to get even more exercise. She lost weight and gained muscle strength but never felt comfortable exercising in that setting. When looking for alternatives, she came upon The Exercise Coach and decided to start her own franchise on Jungermann Road in St. Peters.

“Shortly thereafter, Covid hit and I decided to delay the opening,” explains Sheryl. “I finally opened in April 2021.” Soon, her next challenge came. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and, following surgery, has been doing chemotherapy since August. But to see her energy level and her bright smile, you would never guess it.

Most of that is attributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise equipment at her Exercise Coach studio. The Exercise Coach approach is based on the science that shows us Muscle quality matters more than movement quantity.

That’s accomplished through 20-minute sessions twice a week, guided by a personal trainer, using computerized machines which test and track individual strength levels and progress, and are perfectly customized to each person. It’s about exercising smarter, not longer.

“The 20-minute workout is super-efficient because, with this kind of electronic equipment, we keep the muscles engaged in both directions (technically, the concentric and eccentric muscle contractions),” explains Sheryl. “You do two exercises at virtually the same time, because there is no rest between. It may be 20 minutes, but we keep you challenged! We’re monitoring your efforts the whole time and together we make sure it’s as effective as possible, without overdoing it. You see your progress while you are doing the exercise; it’s instant motivation.”

The Exercise Coach is a great fit for people who are busy, intimidated by “gyms,” afraid of getting hurt, and who may hate exercise. Sheryl’s expert coaches measure the unique muscular and metabolic makeup of each client and guide them through workouts precisely appropriate to their unique physiology. And they always monitor them to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

“For 85% of us, the traditional exercise workouts just don’t work. Or we end up hurting ourselves,” says Sheryl. “My coaches go through 400 hours of training to help people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels into the best condition of their lives. Muscle quality is the key to overall fitness. Just moving or walking is good, but not enough. This exercise program achieves increased strength and endurance. As your metabolism improves you get stronger bones, better blood-sugar control, fat/weight loss and greater energy all in just 1% of your weekly time. It’s so rewarding to me when I hear a client say how excited they are to be able to walk longer distances than they used to and not get worn out. That’s what keeps me motivated.”

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