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Catching up with Abby Cole Photography

GL: Why did you decide to go into photography? 

AC: My journey might surprise you. While I have enjoyed photography as a hobby my entire life, I spent the majority of my life pushing that passion aside while I worked in corporate. I got my undergrad at Temple University, my masters at Sacred Heart Business School, and then worked at fortune 100 companies for over a decade. 

I always had this itch inside of me that I was meant to combined my business background with my creative passions. My Grandmother always told me that life is too short and you have to do what you love. So finally, several years ago I got the courage to start making that dream a reality. I worked tirelessly to grow my passion from hobby, to side hustle, to a full-time business. It was so worth it, when I was ready to make the jump to full time, I never looked back. 

GL: What are the services you offer?

AC: My mission is to create professional, timeless, and authentic content for businesses to elevate their branding, create brand awareness, and inspire their ideal customer to take action. I specialize in branding, interior design, products, and food photography and videography. 

Some businesses know exactly what they need and call me to execute that vision. Other businesses will work with me on creating their vision to ensure the photos and videos align with their business goals and branding.  I welcome and have worked with businesses of all sizes, from personal brands with just one employee to executive branding photography at Goldman Sachs. 

GL: Where do you get your inspiration from? 

AC: I get my inspiration from my clients. The work that I do supports the success and growth of local and small businesses, who are the core of our community. I am so fortunate to work with incredible people. 

From business owners who put their whole world and passion into building and growing their business. Who get out of their comfort zone and in-front of the camera because nothing will stand in their way of following their passion. 

To Interior designers and architects who create incredible homes and spaces for their clients. I get to capture the outcome of all of that hard work. The opportunity to serve them in capturing their creations in a way that truly values the work and skill that they put into it.

GL: What has been your favorite shoot you have ever done before? 

AC: It is too hard to pick a favorite! I have done hundreds of photoshoots and they are all so uniquely amazing. But my favorite feeling is working with repeat clients. Whether they are in my branding membership with quarterly photoshoots, or interior designers who I see time and time again to capture projects. These clients are more like team-members to me. It is an incredible feeling to be part of their business journey and help them achieve their goals. 

GL: If you could offer any piece of advice to aspiring photographers, what would it be and why?

Don’t just go with the crowd or hop on a trend in the industry. Be clear on who you are, what your skills are, and how you can make a difference with the unique talents and experience that you have. My background and work experience is in the corporate business world, but I am also an artist and creative at heart. I have blended these experiences which led me to a photography business that allows me to serve other businesses. We are all so unique, it is important believe in yourself and to value your own skillset so that you can truly serve others in a meaningful way. 

For more information on Abby and to access her portfolio check out: abbycolephotography.com. Or find her on Instagram @abbycolephotography. 

"My mission is to create professional, timeless, and authentic content for businesses to elevate their branding, create brand awareness, and inspire their ideal customer to take action". - Abby Cole

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