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Welcome to The Foundry

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Building Success at The Foundry

A collection of like-minded, design conscious companies has carefully curated quality products and services in one place

A few years ago, the property at the northernmost tip of Tonaquint Cemetery was home to a weathered, teetering barn, a raucous-voiced rooster, and cows and horses past their prime.

Today, beyond the cemetery’s three-acre expansion, a gleaming business campus bustles with activity. Known as The Foundry, the campus boasts four multi-story buildings offering every conceivable product, service and source of inspiration for those crafting custom homes and commercial structures.

The Foundry partners, Chris Peterson, CEO of Riverwoods Mill, and Dave Colling, CEO of Henriksen Butler, say a chance meetingand instant symbiosiswas the impetus for the enterprise that houses six companies employing nearly 150 local residents.

"We work with builders of custom homes in Stonecliff and the like, so we wanted to be in a place that’s centrally located and easy to get to,” Peterson says. “Dave’s company was hoping to consolidate two small showrooms and a warehouse into one operation; when we met it all just clicked. We settled on seven acres next to the cemetery, and once the City of St. George staff understood our vision, they were really supportive and helpful in making it happen for us.”

Adds Colling, “It was exciting to meet Chris, who has the same mindset of what a premium brand and customer experience are all about. From the start, we wanted to communicate an understanding of great design. We both strongly believeas does everyone at The Foundryif we can impact the quality of someone’s home, facility, a hospital or a commercial building, we’ll have a positive impact on the community.”

The 40,000-square-foot Riverwoods Mill building crafts and distributes high-end cabinets, millwork and hardware, while Henriksen Butler specializes in creating what it calls “human-centered spaces,” offering furnitureincluding premium brands Herman Miller and Knollaccessories, flooring and specialty storage systems.

Over at Lovesac, committed audiophiles will find a range of sectional furnishings, most featuring embedded sound systems for a fully immersive experience. Those lusting after custom metal structures to top off their kitchen ranges and counters, or to impress guests at the front door, will find one-of-a-kind designs at Coppertop Metals. For custom windows and other glasswork, Desert Star Glass combines artistry and functionality. Once home construction is complete, Cosy House can curate a collection of unique, high-quality furnishings, accessoriesfrom linens to area rugs to hand-soapthat hew to the concept of “simplistic, effortless living.”

It’s an end-to-end vision Peterson says is shared by all six Foundry companies: “Our intent is to make good designs, good products and a good experience. We all support each other in that mission: Riverwoods sends people to Cosy if we feel they’d be better served by buying a piece of furniture, versus our making it for them. We want to create an environment that makes people’s day-to-day lives better; an environment to be in, to create in and to enjoy.”

With designers, contractors, builders and architects from Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and other environs seeking out The Foundry’s unique product offerings, Peterson and Colling have a winning formula. The requests from like-minded suppliers clamoring for space on the campus grow daily, and Peterson admits Riverwoods has contracts booked two years out.

“We could have filled 20 acres,” he laughs. “We could use a lighting store, fireplaces, paints; there’s so much demand here. But we’re especially happy the city has seen a different vision of how a business like ours can function: Even with manufacturing inside, we can have an attractive campus with buildings with beautiful storefronts the community will love to visit.”

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  • The Foundry: a welcoming business campus
  • Riverwoods Mill offers the highest quality in cabinets, millwork, hardware and appliances
  • Henriksen Butler delivers a state-of-the-art showroom and design center
  • Lovesac and Cosy House
  • Cosy House: a lifestyle shop featuring accents, home furnishings and gifts
  • The Foundry creates well-designed inspiring spaces
  • Welcome to The Foundry