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How One Local Real Estate Agency Puts People First

Although the sign above the former Evan Lurie Art Gallery now reads “Circle Real Estate,” walking inside reveals a curated homage to the building’s history. Sculptures ring the room, and the wide walls are filled with paintings.

It’s more than just office décor; Circle Real Estate’s agents use the art to stage homes. If the buyer likes a piece, they can purchase it and support a local artist. “When I purchased the space for our real estate office, I wanted to preserve the integrity of the gallery,” explains Jason O’Neil, founder/owner of Circle. “But we also use it to bring the community and artists together.” 

This is typical of Jason, who looks at situations through a lens of innovation and desire to twist them into something impactful and fresh. 

A Carmel native, Jason studied entrepreneurship at Ball State. After earning his master’s degree in communication management, he says he landed a coveted position at AT&T in Tampa. “It was a great job, and I hated it,” he admits. “I had no local clients, and no connections.”

Inspired by his father, who spent 40 years in real estate, Jason says he spent months working outside of his full-time role to get his real estate license and build a client base. Although he was voted the best realtor in Tampa, he and his wife moved home to Carmel to raise their children in the Midwest. 

After many successful years with established real estate companies, Jason says his entrepreneurial drive led him to establish Circle Real Estate in 2021. Since then, he’s seen unpredictability in the housing market, but states the firm stays on top of new knowledge, sharing insight for both buyers and sellers via their blog.

“We start by asking our clients a lot of questions. The more conversations we can have upfront, the smoother things go, especially in a rapidly moving market like the one we’re in now,” Jason explains. 

The first thing Jason recommends for those thinking of buying and selling a home is to analyze personal finances. “It has to be a 360-degree look,” he warns. “Buying or selling is about so much more than interest rates.”

Buyers also should consider how their new home will suit their dream lifestyle. “Markets ebb and flow, but the past has always been the best time to buy. In the long run, it’s usually never a bad decision,” he points out. "I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to start living life on your terms when it comes to your home.”

Whether buyer or seller, Jason says each Circle client receives a tailored experience built around what’s most important to them. The agents incorporate creative personal touches, like a one-page brokerage agreement for small children. Its provisions include keeping their rooms clean and listening to their parents. “It helps them feel included and gives them some agency while they’re going through a big life change,” Jason explains.

“Selling or buying a house isn’t always happy,” he adds. “Sometimes it’s about loss. And in all situations, we value helping people get what they want, whether it’s a specific home, or peace of mind. Hands down, that’s the best part of this job.”

Jason prioritizes his agents by looking for ways to optimize their physical, mental, professional and financial health. It’s one way he personally commits to Circle’s core values: Focus on Who, Deliver Clarity, Better Best, Positively Distinct, Thoughtful Bias for Action, and Finding the Win.

“Our core values aren’t just words on a wall. We hire and fire by them. They’re our non-negotiables,” he says. “They've always been reflective, not projective.”

One of Jason's biggest goals for 2024 is to be a “great contributor” to the Arts and Design District. The Circle staff already has been involved in events such as Small Business Saturday, Arts in Autumn and the Caffeine Trail. He adds, "We plan to take part in even more this year."

Circle’s commitment to every individual they can serve will remain front and center, Jason promises. “We’re bespoke, and very local. We’re very selective about our agents, and we focus completely on central Indiana. That helps us deliver a better experience with knowledge, professionalism and compassion.”


“Circle Real Estate has nothing to do with roundabouts, but it signifies trust, inclusion and a 360-degree approach to our agents' work."

“People are dealing with their real estate agent when there’s a lot going on in their lives. In those situations, it’s about who, not how, and we want to be the who that brings them peace of mind.”

  • Circle Real Estate’s agents use their artistic office décor to stage homes.
  • Jason O’Neil, founder/owner, Circle Real Estate